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Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske Celebrity Scoop Every idea for a film has an inherent amount of potential, and filmmakers attempt to convert that potential to the silver screen using the resources available to them. Chances are, if youíre checking out our site, youíre already interested enough in the movies to at least be checking out our site. And you probably also already know the basic idea of what that films reviewed on this site are supposed to be. Our grades compare the initial potential of the idea to the finished product by assessing how well the filmmakers accomplish what they set out to do given the premise of the movie, star power, source material, budget, etc. This does not necessary coincide with what critics determines to be fine art. In 2007 we slimmed the site down a bit, our 2006 grid has thorough reviews. Aaron Eckhart Celebrity Scoop

Itís Another Superhero Blockbuster!

The highly anticipated release of Warner Brothersí Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh as the man of steel and Kevin Spacey at his arch nemesis, hit theaters this past June. Examine Superman Returns and the slew of other superheroes movies being released with a journey into Hollywoodís fascination with the comic book flick in Itís Another Superhero Blockbuster.

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Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris Celebrity Scoop

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