"One Man's Window on the Twentieth-Century"

(Autobiography of Thurston Griggs)

This autobiography describes some periods and events in the life of Dr. Thurston Griggs, including 3 months spent in Germany when the Nazi party was gaining popularity, and several years spent in mainland China in Canton and Peking (Beijing) before and after World War II.  Graduate education at Harvard and his experiences as a Conscientious Objector during World War II are the subject of several chapters.  There is discussion of his musical and play-writing pursuits, his ground-breaking invention of a speech-transcription process for voice recognition in the 1960's, and his work on behalf of the Appalachian Trail and the hiking community in the Potomac Appalachian region. 

Comments may be directed to the author at the following email address:  tgriggs@umbc.edu


Incident-al Adventures...

Mountain-Trail Adventures across 80 Years by Thurston Griggs "Incident-al Adventures..." 196 pp; ~70 illustrations & maps: US W & E; Nepal; Andes; Appal. Trail