Media Interest in My Research

I participated in a broadcast round table on Labor Regulations and Enforcement in Developing Countries with my colleagues Harron Bhorat (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Uma Rami (ILO, Geneva), Lucas Ronconi (Centro de Investigación y Acción Social, Argentina), Piotr Lewandowski (Institute for Structural Research,Warsaw). Watch the round table discussion at:

A short film on women, self-employment and success in Nicaragua (part of a research project where I was co-leader) won an award at the Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible Bilbao, Spain. Watch the film here.

I was interviewed for the World Bank Development and Employment blog, along with my colleagues Gary Fields (Cornell University) and David Margolis (University of Paris), on why self-employment is so prevalent in developing economies, and what governments could do to improve the standard of living of self-employed workers in those economies.  See the interviews at:  and

A story on our project on enforcement of minimum wages in Costa Rica, Argentina and South Africa:

Marvin Mandell (Public Policy) and I wrote a cost-benefit analysis of the Maryland Dream Act (in-state tuition at public colleges for undocumented immigrants) that received a lot of media attention before a referendum in November 2012:
~The Baltimore Sun praised the study, writing: "The emotional, philosophical and moral debates stirred by the referendum on this issue are certainly important. But on a practical level, there is no question:  The Dream Act is good for Maryland."
~The Washington Post called it "a solid new study."
~in Time magazine
~Other newspaper, radio and television stories

In an article with Dennis Coates, we showed that the influx of Hispanics immigrant families into depressed rural counties in the U.S. has led to a resumption of economic growth in those counties.
    Blog posts:  The Rural Blog

With colleagues in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua I wrote a series of papers on the impact of minimum wages in Central America.  This research was funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada..  Below are some links to press and other media interest in these studies:
    from Costa Rica   
    from El Salvador  
    from Nicaragua  
    from Canada

Arizona Republic article on Nicaraguan immigrants in Costa Rica

WYPR Maryland Morning with Sheila Kast story and interview on my research with Sara Poggio on Separation  During Migration and Educational Success. 
Listen to the full story here and a Web Extra clip from WYPR here.  

Guest Commentary in Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Advisor (see page 4)