The course name for submit is cmsc331_smatus1, and this project is java0.

To submit this project: submit cmsc331_smatus1 java0 *.java

To check that your files all got submitted: submitls cmsc331_smatus1 java0

The result should look similar to

total 16
drwx------  2 smatus1 rpc 2048 Mar  2 15:10 .
drwx------ 46 smatus1 rpc 2048 Mar  2 14:56 ..
-rw-------  1 smatus1 rpc  135 Mar  2 14:34
-rw-------  1 smatus1 rpc  340 Mar  2 14:34

(You didn't submit the .class files, did you? You should only submit the .java files.)

General instructions for using submit can be found at

Java assignment 0

CMSC 331, Fall 2015, Mr. Matuszek

Due date: Monday, September 21, at midnight

In this assignment, you will demonstrate that you can get two Java files, one of which depends on the other, compiling and submitted.

You will be creating two files, and

You may do this on gl with your favorite editor, or you may create them on your own machine in any editor or IDE, but the code must compile and run correctly on gl.

To compile the .java files on gl, you can issue the command javac *.java. This should create a .class file for each source file.

To run the code, you can issue the command java Main. Notice that you are giving Java the name of a class, not the name of a file. (What happens if you try java HelloWorld?)

Submitting your project

You will submit your project using the submit script. It may take a couple days before this will work as the class has to be added to the system-wide submit.class file.

The project is due by midnight on Monday, September 21 (i.e., the night before Tuesday morning class). It is only worth 1 point on the final grade; its real purpose is to make sure you are ready for Java Project 1.