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Slide Rule is a set of interaction techniques that allows users to interact with mobile touch screen-based devices without looking at the screen, by using gestural input and audio output. Slide Rule can make mobile touch screens accessible to blind people, and can be used by sighted people when looking at the screen is difficult, such as when driving or using a mobile device in your pocket.


Slide Rule was developed by the AIM Research Group at the University of Washington. It was designed by Shaun K. Kane, Jeffrey P. Bigham, and Jacob O. Wobbrock.

Related publications

  1. Kane, S.K., Bigham, J.P. and Wobbrock, J.O. (2008). Slide Rule: Making mobile touch screens accessible to blind people using multi-touch interaction techniques. Proceedings of the ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS '08). New York: ACM Press, 73-80. [ACM] [PDF]


For more information, please contact Shaun Kane at skane at uw dot edu.

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