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VPA 488::: Topics in InterArts Studies
a sonic way of
knowing place

“an exploration of sonic sensibilities, specifically of ways in which sound is central to making sense, to knowing, to experiential truth. This seems particularly relevant to understanding the interplay of sound and felt balance in the sense and sensuality of emplacement, of making place” (Feld 1996: 97)

SoundWalk1- documentation
UMBC campus

SoundWalk2 - documentation
Just off UMBC's campus - between the "wilderness" and civilization


SoundWalk3 & SoundWalk4 - documentation
Arbutus, Maryland - just off UMBC campus

The course will introduce students to the practice of "deep listening,” acoustic ecology and other practices such as soundwalks which will enhance awareness of the surrounding {noisy} sonic environment.   The analysis of field recordings by the students and artists, sonic walks and various readings with attention to hearing will enhance the students understanding of "a sonic way of knowing a place," a way of attending to hearing, a way of absorbing an environment.  Projects such as The Sonic Memorial and World Soundscape Project will be used as model for understanding our own environment and the complex urban and suburban soundscape as a language the student will learn. Students will work in collaboration with one another in the course and with a group of students from a local high school or community college. As a means of documenting the process of the course an audio blog will be set up, which will be accessible by cell phone. Students and outside participants will have the ability   to use their cell phones to capture specific sonic moments, logging and mapping place through a sound file. The website documents the process of the students exploration in their environment. Students will also be introduced to the potential of setting up a Podcast compilation, which will be available to national and international audiences.
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