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UMBC Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) Program


Dr. Lee serves as one of the instructors in Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) program. SEE program has been initiated from year 2015 in order to involve active and engaged learning for local K-12 students, and give them the opportunity to connect their experience with future majors and careers in STEM subjects.


Since 2015, Dr. Lee instructed a one week lecture entitled “Powered Up: Re-Purposing Energy with an Energy Harvester” through which 6-8 grade students learned (i) how energy harvesting technology can be used to realize energy-sustainable “Internet of Things” environment, (ii) how efficiently the environmental vibration energy can be captured, and (iii) how CAD and 3D printing technology can be used for effective design and manufacturing of energy harvester prototype.


The students made their own vibration energy harvester which turns on LED when shaken by hand, and brought to home!


Thank you all of the participants for making this event a great success! Hope to see you in the following years!

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Photo of 2018 camp


Thank you to all the participants to Dr. Lee's SEE camp,Powered Up: Re-Purposing Energy with an Energy Harvester, held on Jul 16 to 20, 2018 as well as your positive feedback! Your active participation made this SEE camp successful! See some photos below.


Small wind turbine demonstration

Wine glass xylophone

CAD practice

Harvester prototyping


Photo of 2017 camp


Lecture on vibration harvesting and prototyping

Testing and Group photos



Photo of 2016 camp (Aug 1 to 5)


Laser cutting and 3D printing

Prototyping and Group photos


Photo of 2015 camp


Lectures on Vibration and 3D CAD

Waterjet cutting for steel plate

Laser cutting for PZT and assembly with steel plate

3D Printing for 3D CAD model

Assembled CAD model and prototype for vibration energy harvester



Science in Kids' Toy!


One of the Dr. Lee's lifelong missons is to bring more attention on STEM and encourage K-12 students to consider STEM careers. As one of his effort to realize this mission, Dr. Lee keeps networking with Baltimore/Howard county K-12 teachers by visiting their classes and introducing his education/research results. For example, he voluntarily lectured on fundamental kinematics and demonstrated the toys that his ENME204 students made throughout their term project at St. Johns Lane Elementary School.


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