5  A complete presentation

The file hfc.tar.gz contains the source of slides for an hour-long talk that I gave in the department some time ago. You may find it useful as an example of a real-life Beamer presentation.

Download the compressed archive hfc.tar.gz and unpack it. On unix-like systems you will probably unpack the archive by executing the command:

tar xfz hfc.tar.gz 

This will expand the archive into a directory named hfc.2 That directory will contain about 20 files, most being images, and one Beamer source file named hfc.tex.

To compile, change to the hfc directory, then do:

pdflatex hfc.tex 
pdflatex hfc.tex 

This will create the presentation file hfc.pdf.

Two passes of pdflatex are needed to let LaTeX determine the presentation’s total page count, otherwise page numbers in footlines may be wrong.


2 After expanding the archive, the file hfc.tar.gz is no longer needed. You may remove it, rm hfc.tar.gz, to save disk space.