28  Beamer on the Web

Beamer’s home on the Web

Beamer’s author is Till Tantau. As of April 2010 its development was taken over by a new team. See


for news, discussions, and downloading information. The most recent Beamer distribution may be found there as a single tar archive which includes, among other things, Beamer’s manual and several demos.

Beamer’s manual may be obtained separately from


although it is safer to use the one that comes with your own Beamer installation because there may be version dependencies.

Other Beamer tutorials

Advanced tutorials

Ki-Joo Kim has created two very nice tutorials that demonstrate many advanced features of Beamer. You can find these tutorials, named beamer_guide.pdf and beamer_pstricks.pdf in:


Note added 2010-03-20

The link given above seems no longer to exist but my own copies of those tutorials are available here:

        beamer_guide.pdf         beamer_pstricks.pdf


This is only tangentially related to Beamer: If you are using Xpdf to view PDF files, then you may be interested in Stephen J Eglen’s wxpdf script. It’s a perl-based front-end to Xpdf that watches a PDF file and updates the Xpdf window whenever the file changes.

While there, have a look at the link Notes on extending emacs. This may be useful to you if you are an emacs user.