IS 413

GUI Systems Using Java

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This course introduces the student to graphical user interface systems using the most current version of Java. Students will learn to implement a series of interactive stand-alone or web-based interfaces. Event handling and multi-threaded Java programs will be studied. Image and data transmission via the internet will be presented. Students will read articles from the current research literature that offer guidelines in interface design. Familiarity with UNIX file and directory manipulation is recommended. Prerequisite: IS 247 or CMSC 201.”


Please note- we no longer require the use of Unix for file manipulation on UMBC systems. Student comfortable with using a  Windows or Mac OS file manipulation system should be ok.



In addition to creating GUI programs with JavaFX components we will use this course as an introduction to using Android as a development tool for creating mobile apps. We will be using an IDE such as IntelliJ or Android Studio to incorporate programming concepts for mobile devices in creating small, fast running applications. You do not have to have an Android phone or device to be able to take this course.


IS 413 serves a third programming course for IS BS majors and it can be part of the Web Development Certificate program at UMBC.

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