Research History

Professor Roy Rada was first educated as a physician and subsequently earned a PhD in computer science on the application of evolutionary computation techniques. His first journal paper appeared in 1979 and was entitled "Automated Problem Encoding System for Ambulatory Care". Early in his career, he focused on machine learning applied to the construction of knowledge bases to improve retrieval from medical document databases. Later his research team developed a system called Many Using and Creating Hypermedia (MUCH), as they explored the knowledge structures underlying computer-supported collaborative work and virtual organizations. The MUCH system supported reusing software, authoring hypermedia material, and educating students.

Most recently, Rada's application area has shifted to finance, and his intention is to explore the intersections of information systems and investing with an emphasis on the evolving knowledge structures underlying these systems. He has systematically reviewed the application of machine learning techniques to investing and shown the open problem of how to add knowledge to these applications. He is now building an Evolving Investing system. This system will support experiments in which knowledge about finance is a substrate for machine learning techniques. Part of the Evolving Investing research program is to theorize, engineer, and experiment. The research program will also address how financial groups and organizations achieve synergy with their information systems.

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