Homework assignments are designed to help you prepare for exams. Each homework assignment will contain a few questions which are similar to those you might expect on your instructor's exam. There are six homework assignments given throughout the semester each equally weighted.

Homework assignments must be submitted online by 8:59pm of the due date (same as programming projects). There is no late submission of homework assignments. Flex days do not apply to homework.

Homework Assigned Due
HW1: C++ Review Wed, Jan 31 Thu, Feb 8
HW2: Working with Arrays & Linked Lists Mon, Feb 12 Tue, Feb 20
HW3: Running Times Fri, March 2 Fri, Mar 9
HW4: Proof by Induction Mon, Apr 02 Wed, Apr 11
HW5: Trees and Heaps Thu, Apr 19 Sat, Apr 28
HW6: Hash Tables and Sorting Wed, May 9 Tue, May 15