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Current Courses:

IS 101: Introduction to Computer Based Systems (Previously Taught as an Honors Course)

An overview of computer information systems, this survey course introduces computer hardware, software, procedures, systems, and human resources and explores their integration and application in business and in other segments of society. The fundamentals of computer problem solving and programming in a higher-level programming language are discussed and demonstrated. There are no prerequisites for this course. It is an introductory, fundamental course and as such serves as a foundation for an IS-related career. You should keep in mind that most careers today have an Information Technology component. This course is also a suggested prerequisite for the Business Science (BS) program and a required prerequisite for the Business Technology Administration (BTA) program.

Click here for the syllabus in .doc file format.

IS 731: Electronic Commerce

This course analyzes the role of Web design in e-commerce from an organizational and operational perspective. Rather than back-end issues such as application development and algorithms, this course is concentrated on user-related (front-end) issues in e-commerce. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary field which gained tremendous importance especially with the recent boom in e-commerce. One of the goals of HCI is to solve real-world problems in design and use of technology in e-commerce from the user’s perspective. Businesses have recently realized that a user-friendly front interface and Web design is just as important to e-commerce vendors as their business models and decisions. This course therefore aims at introducing optimal Web design issues to the area of e-commerce and applying them practically. Tools and techniques for creating and improving e-commerce sites will be emphasized, as well as developing guidelines, heuristics and testing methods. Not only static, form-based but also navigation and information sharing-related HCI issues will be covered within the context of the class. The course will be highly practical, where students will gain experience on hands-on learning of the e-commerce-related usability development and HCI issues. 

Click here for the syllabus in .doc file format.

IS 671: Electronic Commerce Online Course

This course analyzes how organizations are using electronic commerce to streamline operations, reach customers, and increase profitability. The technologies involved in electronic commerce will be examined. The organizational, behavioral, social, legal, security, and international aspects of EC will be discussed. The primary emphasis will be on Web based technologies and issues. This course will reflect the most current research and application. The course will mainly focus on e-commerce from a B2B and CRM point of view. In this course the students will mainly learn about:

Click here for the syllabus in .doc file format.

Past Course:

IS 474: Legal Aspects of Information Systems

Offered Spring & Fall of 2003

This course focuses on the legal issues surrounding the use and misuse of computer- stored information, and copyrights and piracy of computer software. First you will learn basic legal issues in business, followed by a significant emphasis on laws governing computer use and Web-based services and the Internet in detail. Applicable laws, regulations and lack thereof in copyright, monopoly, source code protections, encryptions, censorship, and other issues will be discussed conceptually as well as in real-life case studies. By the end of this class you will have learned about: Click here for the syllabus in .doc file format.

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