AREA 405 CIRCUIT - Friday June 26, Saturday June 27, 2009, Doors at 7:30 PM




"Allow your senses to melt within the great, rugged walls of AREA 405 in AREA 405 Circuit, an engaging, interdisciplinary event featuring experimental electro-acoustic music, dance, and art curated by Timothy Nohe."

- Kendall K. Spera, Baltimore City Paper "Critic's Pick"

June 26 & 27, 2009, 405 East Oliver Street, Baltimore, USA

Dancers wrested psychological expression and connection with each other in Quad Ruled, by Renée Brozic Barger. Negotiations with space, time, and social manners were bound in a grid marked by the pillars of the factory floor. Quad Ruled was danced by the choreographer and Nicole McClam, Graham Pitts, and Stephanie Yezek.

Liquid Measure, debuted as a new dance work created by Baltimore Dance Project choreographer Carol Hess, one of “the most exciting choreographers in Baltimore.” Dancers Rebecca Dyson and Franki Trout performed up close with unexpected, precise and provocative movement derived from early systems that used parts of the body as measuring instruments.

Rd E3 was a movement installation influenced by the texture and architecture of AREA 405. Lauren Withhart, along with Betty Skeen, used improvisation and perspective to shift the space and skewer gender roles. Nicole Shiflet produced animations directly from images of machinery in the space, and projected them on shipping boxes engaged by the dancers.

The musicians employed architectural elements within the factory, laptops, wine glasses, waterphone, prepared electric bass, ebow guitar, drum kit, analog synthesis, bowed percussion, toys, alto voice and inventions.

Composers and performers included: J.S. Bach, Will Chang and Matt Sterling, Marian April Glebes, Timothy Nohe, and Nick Prevas.

Nick Prevas, Nicole Shiflet and Matt Sterling

Timothy Nohe

Lindsey Vait, Timothy Nohe, Nicole Shiflet