Graduate Student Seminar (Math/Stat 690)

Spring 2015

Time and Location: Wednesdays, 11:00 AM- 12:00 Noon
Fine Arts 215

Date First speaker Second speaker Session Chair Discussant
Feb 11 Samuel Khuvis Xuan Huang Hye Kyung Park Dr. Hoffman
Feb 18 Elias Al-Najjar Sai Popouri Qing Ji Dr. Adragni
Feb 25 Joshua Hudson Juyoung Jeong Zois Boukouvalis Dr. Kogan
Mar 4 Peter Linton Ricardo Moura Yun-Ju Cheng Dr. Huang
Mar 11 SIAM Student Chapter Professional Development ? Dr Draganescu
Mar 25 Zois Boukouvalis Maria Barouti Nicolle Massarelli Dr. Potra
Apr 1 Rowena Bastero Rabab Elnaiem Wenxin Lu Dr. D. Park
Apr 8 Teresa Lebair Hye-kyung Park Seyedahmad Mousavi Dr. Lo
Apr 15 Marilena Flouri Iris Gauran Mingyu Xi Dr. Mathew
Apr 22 Seyedahmad Mousavi Timothy Brown Mona Hajghassem Dr. Sousedik
April 29 Mina Housseini April Albertine Gregory Haber Dr. Malinovsky

Seminar Rules:

Two weeks before the talk:
speaker gets the topic approved by the faculty discussant
Ten days before the talk:
speaker submits an abstract (100 - 200 words) to the writing coordinator and the faculty discussant for comment
One week before the talk:
speaker submits slides to faculty discussant and writing coordinator for comment
Friday before the talk:
speaker sends the abstract to the session chair for distribution
Monday before the talk:
session Chair emails the announcemet of upcoming talks, with titles and abstracts, to mathstat_all(at)lists(dot)umbc(dot)edu
Day of the talk:
It is the session chair's responsibility to bring the student response forms, sign-in sheet and the faculty discussant forms . These can be found in

Writing Coordinator: Dr.Rogers,

Faculty are invited to attend any or all of this seminar series. Comments and discussions by all participating faculty, and not only the designated discussant, are invited and encouraged.

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