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The Communication and Signal Processing Laboratory (CSPL) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) was established by Prof. Joel M. Morris in 1989. The focus has covered a wide variety of topics germane to communications and signal processing. Initial research topics ranged from burst error statistics from Viterbi decoders in fading channels to Wigner-Ville and Gabor joint time-frequency domain representations to signal processing projects with the UM Medical and Dental Schools.

Later topics included infrared remote sensing, noise reduction in underwater acoustic transients via joint time-frequency processing, adaptive phase alignment of synthetic apertures for coherent optical channels, discrete and discrete-time optimal wavelet classes for communication applications, and clip reduction techniques and LDPC code studies for ADSL communications.

Recent research activities have focused on iterative decoded codes for wireless and optical fiber communications, joint-domain techniques for signal representation and analysis, and adaptive importance-sampling for estimating the probabilies of very rare events in coded and uncoded communication systems.

The CSPL sponsors have included Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corp.,DoD, NASA, Nortel Networks, ONR, Science and Technology Corp., and US Army CRDEC.