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PhD Dissertations

E. F. Charles LaBerge, "Use of Turbo-Coded Hybrid ARQ Techniques Constrained by
        Time-Division Multiplex Signal Formats", Ph.D. Dissertation, August 2002. [pdf]

Yi Cai, "On Forward Error Correction Codes and Line-coding Schemes in Optical Fiber
        Communications", Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2001. (Co-Advisor with Dr. Tulay Adali)

Sanjay M. Joshi, "Joint-Domain Representations Using Discrete-Domain Frames",  
        Ph.D. Dissertation, July 2000.

Dongsheng Wu, "Time-Frequency Analysis via Cohen’s Class of Distributions and
        Implementation Algorithms", Ph.D. Dissertation, May 1998.

Youhong Lu, "Biorthogonal-Like Functions and Their Application to Generalized Gabor
        Expansion and Signal Processing", Ph.D. Dissertation, August 1995.


Masters Theses

Mihir Pise, "Optimal Delay Estimates for ADSL Standard Channels", Master’s Thesis, 
         April 2003.

Indrani Basu, "Integrating and Testing a DMT Symbol Clip Reduction Routine in the
        ADSL Simulator", Master's Thesis, May 2002.

Amitkumar Mahadevan, “On LDPC Codes for ADSL”, Master’s Thesis, Dec. 2001.

Sulabh Saxena, "Multipath Clip Reduction in ADSL Systems via Multiple Path
        Transformations", Master's Thesis, July 2000.

Felix K. Watson, "On Optimum Resolution Orthonormal Discrete Wavelets as Zero-ISI
        Communication Pulses", Master's Thesis, August 1999.

Krishnakumar Sivasankaran, "High Resolution Capacitive Angular Position Sensor",
        Master’s Thesis, January 1999.

Ravindra Peravali, "Discrete-Time Orthonormal Wavelets with Optimum Resolution in
        Time and Frequency", Master's Thesis, May 1997.

Thomas Shrimpton, "Information Theoretic Enumeration of Cyclostationary Signals",
        Master's Thesis, May 1997.

Stephen Hogue, "An Evaluation Methodology for Radar Surveillance Performance",
        Master's Thesis, August 1996.

Sanjay Joshi, "Dual Sequences for Discrete-Time Gabor Transform: Theory and Computation",
        Master's Thesis, May 1996.

Kartik Patel, "On BER Performance of an Optical Heterodyne Communication System with a
        Photodetector Array Aperture and Adaptive Phase Alignment System", Master's Thesis,
        December 1995.

Cedric T. Fernandes, "Registration of Three-Dimensional Breast MR Images by Minimization
        of the Standard Deviation of the Difference Images", Master's Thesis, December 1995.

Vinod Akunuri, "Orthonormal Wavelets with Optimum Resolution in the Time and Frequency
        Domain", Master's Thesis, September 1995.

Manish Agarwal, "Signal Processing Techniques to Measure Respiratory System Impedances
        under Clinical Conditions During Surgery", Master's Thesis, August 1995.

Srinath Balasubramanian, "Implementation of a  SF6 Detection Algorithm on the Motorola
        M96002 DSP Chip", Master's Thesis, August 1994.

Lalitha Sankaranarayanan, "Algorithm Development for the Detection of SF6, DEMP, DIMP,
        DMMP, and TEP using FTIR Interferograms", Master's Thesis, August 1994.

Mehul Metha, "Study of Adaptive Phase Alignment of an Array Aperture for Optical
        Heterodyne Communications", Master's Thesis, June 1994.

Meijun Guo, "A Bank-of-Filters Approach to SF6 Detection from Interferograms",
        Master's Thesis, May 1994.

Asgar Azari, "On Representation of Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Sequences of the
        Iterated Logistic Map", Master's Thesis, August 1993.

Harinath Polu, "Parametric Identification of Respiratory System Using Signal Processing
        Techniques", Master's Thesis, October 1992 (Co-Advisor with Dr. George M. Barnes,
        UM Medical School).

Deval R. Patel, "The Mathematical Modeling of Burst-Error Statistics of Viterbi Decoder
        for BPSK Modulation on Generalized Fading Channels", Master's Thesis,
        September 1992.

Guy Cheesman, "Classification of High Resolution Radar Signatures Using Autoregressive
        Parameters", Master's Thesis, May 92 (Co-Advisor with Dr. Ray Chellappa,
        EE Dept, UMCP).

Sunita P. Reddy, "Reduced Error Envelop Identification of Cephalometric Landmarks
        Using Multiple Image Processing Techniques", Master's Thesis, May 1992
        (Co-Advisor with Dr. Dianne E. Rekow, UM Dental School, Orthodontics).

Michael E. Buckman, "An Adaptive Phase Alignment System for an Optical-Heterodyne
        Communication System", Master's Thesis, May 1992.

Ji-Liang Chang, "Burst Error Statistics of Viterbi Decoded Noncoherent BFSK on
        Fading and Scintillating Channels Using High-Rate Punctured Convolutional Codes",
        Master's Thesis, December 1990.