PHYS 721 – Fall 2009

Atmospheric Radiative Transfer


Links, Programs, and Web Resources


Here you will find several important links to web pages and downloadable programs that will be used during this course.  This page will be updated as needed.


  • Free Online Radiative Transfer Book by Charlie Zender. This is a very interesting free reference for atmospheric radiation.


  • List of Corrections for the book “Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean” by Gary E. Thomas and Knut Stamnes


  • Additional resources available for  the book “Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean” by Gary E. Thomas and Knut Stamnes


  • Excellent References to Mie Theory and Mie Codes


  • Online  Mie Calculations for quickly playing with some Mie simulations. WARNING: I think this applet still has some bugs or inaccuracies so, use it at your own risk. I will later give you links to a the state of the art Wiscombe’s Mie code.


  • Interesting paper showing simple Mie and Rayleigh scattering experiments in the lab.


Some useful and reliable resources for radiative transfer calculations:

These are a series of resources for Mie Scattering and Radiative transfer calculations. Although several other resources are available online, for the purposes of this course we will use the following Mie codes, Warren Wiscombe’s DISORT, and SBDART.


Mie codes:

  • Homogeneous Sphere: Mie calculations for homogeneous spheres with a single real and imaginary refractive index. Calculations are performed for a single size and must be integrated in separate over the whole size distribution.

  • Layered Sphere: used for Mie calculations of a system of concentric spheres with different refractive indices (real or imaginary  in each layer. This program is very useful for Mie calculations of black carbon particles coated with a layer of sulfate, or for several cases of hydrated aerosols.



  • For Fortran 77:


  • For Fortran 90:


Other Multiple Scattering Codes:




Refractive Indices:

  • Water:

  • Ice: