PHYS 650 – Special Topics in Experimental Atmospheric Physics

Spring 2009


Links, Programs, and Web Resources


Here you will find several important web pages, presentations, programs and references that will be used during this course.  This page will be updated as needed.

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1 – Nice presentation on Aerosol Properties and measurement methods.


2 – Fact Sheet on EPA’s Particulate Matter Standard


3 – Air Quality Index Reporting and Significant Harm Level for Fine Particulate Matter


4- Very Nice link on Aerosol Science and Technology.


5- NASA AERONET Sunphotometer Network – A must site to check out and use.


6- Guidelines and Recommendations for Aerosol Measurement Procedures from the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) Network.


7- Example of free PDF Writer (any other PDF writer can be used) – This is an example of a free PDF write that you can use to produce your weekly report. In order to assure portability between platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, etc) we require your weekly report to be sent in PDF format.


8 – SBDART – A nice Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Code with the solar input, aerosols, clouds, and gases:

·        Full SBDART code

·        Paul Schou(UMBC) Web tool for SBDART

·        Introduction to SBDART (the links inside the file may not work any more)

·        SBDART article


9- Web Page of the Haze Span Network: this link has very nice discussion on the construction, calibration and use of the LED sunphotometer. In particular, look at the chapters related to the Langley plot calibration(How to Calibrate the TERC VHS-1 Sun Photometer and Analyzing Your Calibration Data ) in order to the develop a procedure for the calibration of your own photometer.


10- Additional Instructions on how to perform the calibration of your photometer, including the use of Langley plots.


11- Spreadsheet for Solar angle Calculations.


12- Humidity Calculators:

These are useful tools to calculate atmospheric humidity from different combinations of parameters. Here are three free versions:

      a) VAISALA  Humidity calculator - online version to run from a web browser

      b) VAISALA Humidity calculator - windows version to install locally in your computer

      c) HumCal – Another online humidity calculator







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