Undergraduate Research Opportunities


There are many on-campus and off-campus research opportunities for undergraduate students. Between many other options an undergraduate student can consider participating in a summer program, or applying to an UMBC Undergraduate Research Award (URA), or perform a project as part of a Special Topics course. Here is a small fraction of current opportunities:



  • UMBC’s Undergraduate Research Award (URA)

Undergraduate Research Awards provide up to $1,500 to undergraduate student recipients from all years and disciplines to support their work with a UMBC faculty mentor on an original (group or individual) project.




  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD)

This is an event sponsored by UMBC which features oral presentations, poster sessions, and artistic exhibits and performances, typically by students who have completed this research during the current academic year. Both, students who are sponsored by URA’s or not can apply for presentations.




  • Summer programs at UMBC and NASA Joint Centers

These are excellent opportunities for undergraduate students to start some research experience working during the summer. The JCET webpage will usually link to this type of opportunities at NASA.




  • Other undergraduate research opportunities