PHYS 224 - Introductory Physics III

Fall 2008


Links, Programs, and Web Resources


Here you will find several important web pages and programs that will be used during this course.  This page will be updated as needed.


1 -  MIT course on Oscilation and Waves by Prof. Walter Lewin

This is a great resource and reference for PHYS 224. Prof. Lewin shows amazing demonstrations and discussions throughout his course. I strongly encourage all the students to watch Prof. Lewin lectures, starting from class 1.





2 - Download Power Point file presented in class

This ppt file shows examples and simulations of oscillations and waves cases discussed in class.



3 -  3D Lissajous figures

This is a very nice applet that allows you to visualize Lissajous figures in a 3D simulation of a 2 channels oscilloscope. You can rotate the system and look at the individual signals or at the Lissajous figure itself from different perspectives.



4 - The Sound Spectrograph that was demonstrated in class

This is a software that you can download and install in a PC computer and convert it to a sound spectrograph.  You can learn a lot a physics “playing” with a sound spectrograph and musical instruments, crystal glasses, tuning forks, etc. This program will show you a time series of the sound wave with “a single frequency” (e.g. from a single tuning fork, as we demonstrated in class), or the combined wave from the superposition of several frequencies (e.g. several tuning forks simultaneously, your voice, etc.).


Other nice sound spectrum tools can be found here:


Many interesting sound resources can be found at the Homepage of the Sonic Spot:



5 - Beat Demonstration

Applet showing combination of 2 harmonic oscillations with similar frequencies producing beat.



6 - Forced oscillations with and without damping

Applet showing simulation of forced oscillations with and without damping



7  - Movie of the Takoma Bridge Resonance:

Movie showing the collapse of the Takoma Bridge after undergoing resonance with the wind, and picture of the bridge before and during the accident:


Movie: You can drag the bar towards the end if you want to see only the resonance and the crash.

Picture before the “resonance”:

Picture after the “resonance”:



8 - Simulation of the two pendulums coupled by an ideal spring:



9 - Simulation the normal modes of oscillation composing 2 pulses traveling with opposite direction in a tensioned string:



10 - Download Power Point file number 2 - presented in class

This ppt file shows additional examples and simulations discussed in class.


11- Spreadsheet with Fourier Transform for a triangular profile.