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While at UMBC I have had the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented group of students...

Current Dissertation/Thesis

Student Deg Relation Research
Alyson Young PhD Dissertation committee chair  
Rahayu Ahmad PhD Dissertation committee chair  
Celeste Paul PhD Dissertation committee member  
Kathy O'Connell Weaver PhD Dissertation committee member  
Charles Blount MS Thesis committee chair  
Susan Mitchell PhD Dissertation committee member  
Matthew Dinmore PhD Dissertation committee member "Improving the effectiveness of end user-developed software as a medium for communicating problem solving knowledge"
Patricia Spence PhD Dissertation committee member (external)  

Former Dissertation/Thesis

Student Deg Year Relation Research Current position
Kevin F. White PhD 2010 Dissertation committee chair "Exploring Cross-Organizational Knowledge Sharing: Towards information reuse in small organizations" Director of IT, Lower Dauphin School District
David Gurzick PhD 2009 Dissertation committee chair "Designing Deeply Engaging Online Communities For Adolescents" Assistant Professor, Hood College, Department of Economics & Management
Rosa Heckle PhD 2007 Dissertation committee chair "Realities of Authentication Management in a Hospital Environment" ISE, MITRE
John Goodall PhD 2006 Dissertation committee chair "Defending the Network: Visualizing Network Traffic for Intrusion Detection Analysis" Senior Analyst, Secure Decisions
Kyle Burall MS 2006 Thesis committee chair Case study of SEI's Capability Maturity Model Integration Program Manager, Windermere Group
Kevin F. White MS 2004 Thesis committee chair "Leveraging Organizationally Adjacent Expertise" Director of IT, Lower Dauphin School District


Student Deg Year Relation Research Current position
Richard Goldman PhD 2011 Dissertation committee member    
Danny Ho PhD 2011 Dissertation committee member    
Kathy Price PhD 2011 Dissertation committee member    
Carlton Crabtree PhD 2010 Dissertation committee member    
Frank Wright MS 2010 Thesis committee member    
Medha Umarji PhD 2009 Dissertation committee member Adoption in metrics program implementation  
Michael Carlin PhD 2008 Dissertation committee member "Cross-Cultural E-Commerce Design Guidelines for American and Chinese College Student Populations: Results from an Empirical Comparative Study"  
Weimin Hou PhD 2008 Dissertation committee member Supporting Children's Online Identity Representation in International Communities  
Min Lin PhD 2007 Dissertation committee member Organizing notes on mobile devices
Jason Pearlman MS 2007 Thesis committee member    
Jinjuan (Heidi) Feng PhD 2005 Dissertation committee member "A Power and Reliability Model for Error Prone Technologies: Improving Speech-based Support for Spatial Navigation" Assistant professor, Towson University
Chadia N. Abras PhD 2003 Dissertation committee member "Determining Success in Online Academic and Health Communities: Developing Usability and Sociability Heuristics" Assistant professor, Goucher College
Azfar S. Karimullah MS 2003 Thesis committee member "E-Government IT Investment Management Framework: Implications for Developing Countries"  
Sumita Das BS 2006 Co-mentor (senior project) Software maintenance war stories  
Gaganreet Gahunia BA 2003 Interdisciplinary studies chair Culture and gender issues in HR web design  

Independent Study

Student Deg Year Relation Research Current position
Danny Ho PhD 2007 Independent study CSCW and health care informatics UMBC
Eric Holtgrefe PhD 2007 Independent study "Virtual nationalism and online gaming" UMBC
Susan Mitchell PhD 2006 Independent study "Assessing the Value of Computer Science Course Material Repositories" UMBC
Weimin Hou PhD 2005 Independent study Role of locality in online communities UMBC
Liwei Dai PhD 2004 Independent study Micronote task-application fit for mobile devices UMBC
Wiki Oey MS 2003 Independent study Privacy and security concerns with the Bluetooth protocol  
Nabie Conteh PhD 2002 Independent study "Social-technical hybridization for just-in-time knowledge management systems"  


Student Deg Year Relation Research Current position
Dana Douglas REU 2006 NSF HCI-REU mentor "Designing Engaging Online Media for Adolescents" UMBC
Nick Kurlick REU 2006 NSF HCI-REU mentor "Analyzing the Blog Lifecycle" UMBC
Jeremy Nevitt REU 2006 NSF HCI-REU mentor "Information Visualization for Intrusion Detection" UMBC
Carlie Bower REU 2004 NSF HCI-REU mentor "Digital Micro-Notes: Informal Note Taking Behavior Using Mobile Devices" Perdue University
Liz Chung REU 2004 NSF HCI-REU co-mentor "Information Visualizations for Intrusion Detection" Penn State University
Tina S. Kim REU 2003 NSF HCI-REU mentor "Exploring the design of mobile support for micro-note taking behavior" Rice University
Nick Marangoni REU 2003 NSF HCI-REU co-mentor "Information Visualization for Network Intrusion Detection Analysis" Grove City College