WMST-L File Collection:


Last updated: Sept. 2, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection focus on women's history:

Activist Narratives
(Narratives about activists that might be appropriate for use in an undergraduate course. WMST-L discussion, September 2008. See also Autobiographies/Memoirs by Women Activists and Leaders.)

Autobiographies/Memoirs by Women Activists and Leaders
(Reading suggestions offered on WMST-L in October and December 2001.)

Consciousness Raising Groups
(A discussion about consciousness raising groups of the 1960s and '70s and the use of CR groups today in the classroom and elsewhere. WMST-L, February 2010)

Films about First Wave Feminists/Feminism
(A discussion on educational films about first wave feminists/feminism. WMST-L, September/October 2009)

Getting Together: How to Start a Consciousness-Raising Group
(A 1972 pamphlet by WMST-L member Marge Piercy and Jane Freeman.)

History of Battered Women's Shelters
(Discussion of the first battered women's shelter and who started it. WMST-L, April 2001.)

Immigrant Literature: Suggested Works
(Suggestions for autobiographies, novels, films, etc. dealing with the immigrant experience from a female point of view. WMST-L discussion, October 2002.)

Immigrant Women in New York, 1890-1920
(Print and other resources about immigrant women, especially those in New York from 1890-1920. WMST-L discussion, April 2006)

Knitting as a Revolutionary Act
(A discussion of women's needlecraft, especially knitting, as a feminist, revolutionary act. WMST-L, late April/early May 2002.)

Novels for a Course on the Women's Movement
(A request for suggested novels for a course on the Women's Liberation Movement gave rise to this WMST-L discussion in May 2005.)

Origin of Women's History Month
(Some answers to the perennial question.)

Origins of the LGBT Rights Movement
(Discussion of the various "origins" of the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] rights movement. WMST-L discussion, June 2002.)

Origin(s) of "Rule of Thumb"
(Various explanations for the origin of the phrase "rule of thumb." WMST-L, 1993-2005)

Readings about Native American Women
(Suggestions for readings useful for students. WMST-L discussion, January 2008)

Resources for Teaching about Second Wave Theories
(Books, articles, web sites, etc. that may be helpful for teaching about second wave theories. WMST-L discussion, March 2010. Also of interest may be Teaching '70s Feminism and 'Waves' of Feminism.)

Take Back the Night
(A three-part file of messages from 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2008)

(This discussion concerning resources dealing with witches took place on WMST-L in October 2005.)

Women and Utopias
(This discussion of women and utopias in fiction and non-fiction took place on WMST-L in March 2002.)

Women of Color and the Women's Movement
(A five-part WMST-L discussion that began with a query about the contributions of women of color to the women's movement. September/October 2000)

Women-Only Communities
(Suggestions for where to find information about women-only communities, including lesbian communities. WMST-L discussion, September 2004)

The Women's Rights Movement: Where It's Been, Where It's At
(Keynote address given in October 2001 by former WMST-L member Sonia Pressman Fuentes, a founder of NOW, WEAL, and FEW. Fuentes deals with the second wave of the women's movement: its history, her role in it, and where it is today.)

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