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Last update: March 3, 2016

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Here are selected women-related web sites focusing on sports and/or recreation (NOTE: for recreational pursuits involving art, literature, music, etc., see the Arts & Humanities section):

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
(Impressive searchable site that offers extensive coverage of women-related sport and physical activity news, activist efforts, links to other web sites, other resources, etc. )

Frag Dolls
(The Frag Dolls are a group of girl gamers whose site includes their individual blogs, a forum, and a calendar of events, including opportunities to play against one or more of the Frag Dolls in online games.)

(The site offers features of interest to women gamers, arranged in three categories: PC Games, Console Games, and News.)

Gender Equity in Sports
(Extensive information about Title IX,especially as it applies to athletics. The site is sponsored and maintained by the University of Iowa.)

Girl Game Advance
(Girl Game Advance describes itself as "a weblog and online journal that brings alternative perspectives to videogame culture. We want to analyze various aspects of gaming but also we want to put it into context, into the larger arena of modern pop culture." The editor in chief, Jane Pinckard, is especially interested in "how gender considerations impact the culture of gaming.")

Guilded Lilies: Grown Women Playing Games
(Guilded Lilies is a blog "designed to explore the unique experience of being a grown woman playing computer games.")

History of Women in Sports Timeline
(A multi-part timeline highlighting women's involvement in (or exclusion from) sports from 776 B.C. to the present. Some of the items include links to related information.)

(A free online travel magazine and web site for women. Women-friendly sites and hotels, international travel tips, women's travel stories, sharing of advice and information, travel classifieds, etc.)

National Women's Law Center
(Organization whose mission is "to protect and advance the progress of women and girls at work, in school, and in virtually every aspect of their lives." Its informative web site provides news, information, and activist alerts in support of its mission in such categories as Athletics, Child & Family Support, Education, Employment, Health, Social Security, and more.)

New Game Plus
(This interesting blog by Ariel Wetzel, a college undergraduate, focuses primarily but by no means exclusively on women and video games.)

She Got Game
(Web site for a public radio show that deals with women's sports. The web site includes profiles, interviews, features, photos, and commentary about a wide variety of women's sports and women in sports; much of the material is available via audio rather than text. The site also includes links to sports sites and sports camps.)

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Gun: A Case Study of Professional Danish Female Counter-Strike Players
(A master's degree thesis by Tore Vesterby at the IT University of Copenhagen. The thesis is a case study of Team All 4 One, but Vesterby believes that the implications of his study are broader, and that the experiences of Team All 4 One "show some vital issues that women gamers face both online and offline." This page includes Vesterby's overview of his study and a link to the thesis itself.)

Sports Illustrated for Women
(Features and message boards about women and/in sports.)

30 Years of Title IX
(The Fall 2002 issue of On Campus with Women, a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, contains articles by educators and activists about their involvement with and feelings about Title IX, the U.S. law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding. The issue assesses the gains made by women in higher education since the passing of Title IX in 1972, as well as "the unfinished business of gender equity that still remains.")

Title IX
(This site explains what Title IX is and focuses on ten areas in which Title IX has made a difference.)

Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport
(Univ. of Minnesota Center whose web site offers reports, information about research projects, curricular materials, grant information, a newsletter, links to related sites, and more, all related to how sport, recreation, and physical activity affect the lives of girls and women.)

(As its name suggests, this site is devoted to computer games, with a focus on women: women as players, women as characters, etc. Includes articles, reviews of software and hardware, information about and reviews of games, discussion of female characters, and more.)

Women in Games
(Issue 17 [November 2005] of The Escapist is devoted to women in games and gaming. Several articles and internviews.)

Women's Biography Sites
(This useful site created by Sharon Hushka provides links to more than 250 women's biography web sites. They are arranged both alphabetically and in nine categories: Arts & Entertainment; Diversity; General; HerStory; International; Of Interest; Politics; Science, Math, & Technology; and Sports.)

Women's Hockey Web
(Extensive information about women's hockey internationally, including player profiles, tournaments, hockey camps, hockey cards, school and university hockey, related links, and more.)

Women's Online Golf
(This site offers news coverage of women's golf, tournament information, articles about health and nutrition, links to a number of women's golf organizations and clubs, and links to related sites.)

Women's Sports Foundation
(This nonprofit foundation's site offers a variety of resources related to women's participation in sports, including scholarships and internships available, information about training, fitness, careers, gender equity, homophobia, disability, and much more.)

Women's Sports Foundation (U. K.)
(It's not clear whether there's any connection between this site and the identically-named site listed above, but this one is based in the United Kingdom, and its information about women's sports and sporting events has a U.K. focus. It describes itself as "the only organisation in the U. K. that is solely committed to improving and promoting opportunities for women and girls in sport at every level." It offers news, research help, publications, and extensive related links.)

Women's Sports Information
(The site describes itself as the place where women can find "info on how to be better informed, better equipped, where to play, and how to play your sport better." It contains an impressive array of articles about many aspects of women's sports, as well as sports tips, equipment info, and extensive links to other sites focusing on women's sports. There is also some local information about sports leagues for women in the San Francisco Bay area.)

Women's Wilderness
(Since 1998, Women’s Wilderness has offered wilderness experiences and outdoor adventures for women and girls in the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest. See website for more information.)

WWW Women's Sports Page (Amy Lewis)
(Probably the most extensive, well-organized, issue-oriented women's sports site.)

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