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Last updated: May 1, 2020

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Here are selected Women's Studies journals, zines, and other online periodicals:


Feminist Magazines
(The Feminist Majority web site's annotated list of feminist magazines, arranged in the following categories: General Interest, Academic, Career, Children & Teens, Health, International, LGBTQ, Motherhood, Political.)

Feminist Periodicals: A Current Listing of Contents
(For years, the Gender and Women's Studies Librarian's Office at the University of Wisconsin has been the most active and reliable source of information about periodicals in the field. Here is their description: "Feminist Periodicals: A Current Listing of Contents is an open access repository of digitized contents pages of 150 academic journals and pop culture magazines for researchers and scholars to view what is currently being published in the field of Gender and Women's Studies. Since many international and grassroots titles are not indexed in standard sources, Feminist Periodicals is the best key to their contents. Feminist Periodicals is made available through the Office of the Gender and Women's Studies Librarian's Office at the University of Wisconsin. Our goal with Feminist Periodicals is to represent English-language resources from around the world that focus on gender and women's studies. We are regrettably unable to include periodicals that lack a complete table of contents. We encourage feminist serials to build a full table of contents into their regular format to facilitate possible inclusion in Feminist Periodicals and indexing elsewhere.")

Women and Gender Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals with Web Presences
(Part of U. Wisconsin WS Librarian's site--terrific collection!)

(Krista Scott-Dixon's extensively annotated listing of "grrlzines." Scott-Dixon wrote her master's paper on this topic.)


Advancing Women in Leadership
(An "on-line professional, refereed journal for women in leadership. The journal publishes manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues.")

Bad Jens: An Iranian Feminist Newsletter
(A "feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. It is hoped to be a step towards improving links between activists/academics inside and outside the country." It features news, announcements, interviews, and articles about life in Iran and relevant activism. Publication began in 2000 on a quarterly basis; there are plans that from now on, Bad Jens will appear monthly, on the 21st of each month [i.e., the 1st of every Iranian month]. The web site includes an archive of back issues.)

Bi Women
(This quarterly newsletter, produced by the Boston Bisexual Women's Network, provides information about books and films with bisexual themes, bi politics, and what's going on in bisexual communities in Boston and around the globe. Subscription is by voluntary donation. See the website for more information.)

(A savvy feminist 'zine offering much valuable info about women in and out of cyberspace.)

Core List of Journals in Women's Studies
(A list compiled by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries. It is intended as an aid to Women's Studies librarians and collection development librarians in building Women's Studies collections.)

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy
(Journal publishes one symposium issue per year relating to conferences hosted by the Duke University School of Law and the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke. Full text articles in current issue and some back issues are online.)

Expository Magazine
(Subtitled "Feminist Literary Explorations," this online journal offers articles, media reviews, poetry, art, news, links to related sites, and more.)

(A content-rich "online journal of feminist construction" that contains "art, literature, social commentary, philosophy, wit, humor, and respect." It offers essays, fiction, poetry, web reviews, and more. Definitely a cut above most other feminist 'zines.)

Feminist Academic Press Column
(This quarterly column, written by Mev Miller, offers very brief reviews [3-6 sentences] of recently published books related to Women's Studies, women's issues, Lesbian/Queer Studies, and Gender Studies. The reviews describe each book's contents and indicate the likely audience, from general to highly specialized. Titles reviewed include both fiction and non-fiction. Mev Miller used to write a similar column for Feminist Bookstore News before FBN ceased publication.)

Feminist Africa
(This site offers full text issues of Feminist Africa, a scholarly journal currently hosted by the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town. The journal provides a forum for "progressive, cutting-edge feminist intellectual dialogue and gender research on the African continent." Each issue focuses on a single topic, such as "Intellectual Politics," "Women Mobilised," and "Subaltern Sexualities.")

Feminist Europa. Review of Books
(Now available online at no cost, Feminist Europa is a journal written in English that reviews "feminist scholarship, creative and popular work by women published in Europe, in languages other than English." )

Feminist Review
(A blog that proclaims its belief "that all opinions - positive and critical - are valuable and seeks to give voice to communities that remain on the margins. Our mission is to write reviews from feminist perspectives to explore the world through an anti-oppression lens. We recognize that there are many feminisms and provide a space where those differences can be represented and explored." The blog discusses books, journals, zines, music, television, movies, feminist issues, and more.)

(Monthly Spanish-language magazine devoted to women's issues and to more fairness between women and men. Primary focus is on Latin America. The website includes full-text articles from the current issue.)

FemTAP: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Praxis
(An online, refereed journal begun in 2006, FemTAP "investigate[s] the intersections of feminist theory and practice by providing space for emerging scholars, defined broadly to include academics and non-academics alike, and innovative ideas." It welcomes articles about feminist theory or feminist praxis.)

Feral Feminisms
(Feral Feminisms is an independent, inter-media, peer reviewed, open access online journal. It claims to "[take] the feral as a provocative call to untaming, queering, and radicalizing feminist thought and practice today. . . . It is a space for students and scholars, artists and activists, to engage with the many sites and problematics of feminist studies – as understood broadly and across disciplines, genres, methods, politics, times, and contexts." See the journal's website for more information.)

Films for the Feminist Classroom
(Films for the Feminist Classroom [FFC] is an open-access online journal. It publishes film reviews that provide critical assessments of the value of the films as pedagogical tools in the feminist classroom, as well as interviews with directors and producers of feminist film. The journal, formerly hosted by the Rutgers University Women's and Gender Studies Department and the Rutgers-based editorial offices of Signs: Journal of Women, Culture, and Society, is now hosted by the Department of Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies at Texas Woman's University.)

Gendered Perspectives in Development (GPID) Bulletin and Working Papers
(Sponsored by Michigan State University's Gender, Development, and Globalization program (formerly known as WID, Women and International Development), the GPID Bulletin is a triannual newsletter that compiles the most recent and important resources for those interested in gender-related development issues. It provides abstracts of current books, articles, monographs, online resources, and audiovisual materials pertaining to women and international development. Also included are summaries and contact information for upcoming conferences, fellowships, and study opportunities. Each issue concludes with a review of a recently published book. The GPID Working Papers series publish scholarly work on global social, political, and economic change and its gendered effects in developing nations.)

Gender Forum
(A high-quality electronic journal that describes itself as "an internet platform for gender and women's studies. It developed from Gender Inn, an impressive database for gender and women's studies at Germany's Cologne University. Among the topics with which Gender Forum is especially concerned are gender and postcolonial/intercultural issues, gender and the media, and queer studies. The English-language journal carries articles and reviews and seeks feedback and discussion from its readers.)

(A newsletter for the "self-defined woman." Many articles dealing with current U.S. political and feminist topics.)

Gender Policy Review
(A monthly magazine geared toward policy professionals and individuals interested in gender and international, development, and domestic politics.)

Gender Research in Sweden
(An English-language journal published annually by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. The journal presents both research results and research policies.)

(Publishing since 1988, the journal Genders switched to electronic publication with issue 27 in 1998. It focuses on the arts, humanities, and social sciences and publishes essays about "gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistic, and economic concerns.")

International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology
(A British-based online journal established in 2009 that seeks to provide international perspectives on issues concerning gender and SET. Abstracts and full-text articles are available on the journal's web site.)

JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies
(A peer-reviewed ejournal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of African women to the global African community and friends of Africa. JENdA documents and responds to debates on women's history and studies in African social, cultural, political and economic systems. The journal is published by Africa Resources Center, Inc.)

Journal of Feminist Scholarship
(An online, peer-reviewed journal that began in 2011, the Journal of Feminist Scholarship describes its fundamental aims as being "to offer an open-access academic forum for the publication of innovative, peer-reviewed feminist scholarship across the disciplines and to encourage productive debates among scholars and activists interested in examining methodological directions and political contexts and ramifications of feminist inquiry.")

Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought
(A peer-reviewed, open-source journal based at Salve Regina University, this periodical offers articles, book reviews, and more dealing with interdisciplinary contemporary women's issues through themed issues. Among the issues have been "Women and Science," "Women and the Media," "Women, Social Policy, and the Law," and "Changing Families, Changing Women." )

Journal of International Women's Studies
(An online, multidisciplinary journal that seeks to explore the relationship between feminist theories and activism.)

Journal of South Asia Women Studies
(Current and back issues containing articles about women's issues in South Asia.)

Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
(This U.S.-based journal, founded in 1994, is "designed as a unique and much-needed resource for educators, managers, and policymakers. . . . [It] publishes original, peer-reviewed papers that report innovative ideas and programs for classroom teachers, scientific studies, and formulation of concepts related to the education, recruitment, and retention of under-represented groups in science and engineering." More information and access to abstracts are available at the journal's web site.)

(A free online travel magazine and web site for women. Women-friendly sites and hotels, international travel tips, women's travel stories, sharing of advice and information, travel classifieds, etc.)

Manushi: A Journal about Women and Society
(Articles from the journal, based in India, and links to other sites focusing on Indian women)

Media Report to Women
(A quarterly newsletter that provides information on all types of media--television, radio, film, cable, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet, and other emerging media--and the way in which they depict women and issues of interest to women. Detailed summaries of current and back issues are available online.)

moé pi toé
(Formerly called The Initiative, moé pi toé [you and me] is an e-zine designed to promote the voices of Franco-American women. The zine includes news, reviews, fiction, poetry, essays, research, and more. Sponsored by the Franco-American Women's Institute.)

Mujeres en Red: el periódico feminista
(An interesting Spanish-language site that describes itself as "el portal de género en Internet." It covers a vast array of feminist issues, among them Comunicación, Cultura, Economía, Empoderamiento, Globalización, Igualdad, Lenguaje, Política, Salud, Sociedad de la Información, Tecnología, Violencia de género, and a lot more.)

Nervy Girl
(Calling itself "the thinking woman's magazine, Nervy Girl aims to "celebrate and encourage women in their diversity, achievements, interests, and ideas and provide a platform to address and discuss women's issues. The current issue is available online. Back issues, available by mail, have been devoted to Feminism, Reproductive Health, Erotica, Islam, Humor, and more.)

(An international online feminist art journal that seeks to explore the paradoxes of feminism and the art world today. Published quarterly, it contains full-text articles, book reviews, information on women's arts organizations, and links to relevant sites.)

On the Issues Magazine: The Progressive Woman's Magazine
(This is the online successor to the award-winning print publication On the Issues Magazine, a progressive, feminist quarterly that published from 1983-1999. The online content is in much the same vein as the former print publication. In addition to current articles and commentary, the site offers an archive of the print issues.)

Review of Women's Studies
(A bilingual [English/Arabic] yearly publication from the Institute of Women's Studies at Birzeit University that deals with research on gender issues in Palestinian society in a range of disciplines. Full text of articles is available online.)

RFR/DRF: Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la recherche féministe
(Bilingual [English/French] Canadian scholarly journal that addresses Canadian and international feminist research issues and debates. Site includes descriptions and tables of contents going back to the early 1990s, along with links to online women-related journals, women's scholarly resources, and web search tools.)

The Scholar and Feminist Online
(A tri-annual, multimedia, online-only journal of feminist theories and women's movements. Its aim is to combine public feminism and academic feminism, to be a place where scholarship and activism coexist. Sponsored by the Barnard Center for Research on Women.)

Storia delle Donne
(A yearly journal, sponsored by Firenza University Press, offers scholarly essays by and about women, both in history and in the present day. The essays are in Italian, but abstracts are provided in English. The journal is available both online and in a print version.)

(An online, peer-reviewed journal for emerging feminist scholars. In addition to the journal, the site also includes resources for building a scholarly community, including research notes, online publications and other resources, news and notices, and a listserv. Based in Canada.)

Trivia: Voices of Feminism
(An online journal that publishes feminist writing in the form of literary essays, experimental prose, poetry, translations, and reviews. "We encourage women writers to take risks with language and forms so as to give their ideas the most original and vital expression possible. Our larger purpose is to foster a body of rigorous, creative and independent feminist thought." In addition to the current issue, the site includes an archive of back issues.)

United Women's Voice
(Calling itself "the UK's first interactive newspaper for women," this refreshing site offers a wide variety of news, features, and opportunities for women to make their voices heard. In addition to expected categories such as "family life," "health," and "consumer," there are sections devoted to "environment," "politics," "arts," and "women in history," among others, along with a "salary checker," the opportunity to contribute theater, tv, film, and book reviews, and more.)

Visual Culture & Gender
(Visual Culture & Gender [VCG] is an international online journal published annually. Its purpose is "to encourage and promote an understanding of how visual culture constructs gender in context with representations of race, age, sexuality, social units, (dis)ability, and social class and to promote international dialogue about visual culture and gender. VCG concerns the learning and teaching processes or practices used to expose culturally learned meanings and power relations that surround the creation, consumption, valuing, and dissemination of images, and involves issues of equity and social justice in the learning, teaching, and practice of art." )

WID Bulletin - see Gendered Perspectives in Development (GPID) Bulletin and Working Papers

(The WIP [Women's International Perspective] is a comprehensive news website that reports world news, opinion, and commentary from female contributors around the world. The site claims that its mission "is to provide quality news from the unique perspectives of women that is accessible worldwide and free to our readers." The WIP seeks to rectify the under-representation of female journalists and to offer "a greater diversity of background and opinion than typically found in one online news publication.")

Wired Woman
(An ezine that "explores how technology affects women's lives--from our day-to-day challenges to the ways we interpret art, culture, and society.")

Wise Women's Web
(Editor Daniela Gioseffi's zine offers exceptionally fine poetry, fiction, essays, and visual art by celebrated writers like Alicia Ostriker, Grace Paley, and Gioseffi herself, as well as by some lesser known writers and artists.)

WNN - Women News Network
(WNN is an organization dedicated to presenting in depth international women's news that is often not found in most public news media. The site includes feature articles available both for reading and for listening, podcasts, videos, and links to related sites.)

Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory
(Online version of a journal for discussion of gender and representation; includes full text of some articles, as well as other resources.)

Women and Politics
(Online version of the quarterly journal of research and policy studies. Includes abstracts of articles.)

Women in Action
(Women in Action is a tri-annual publication from Philippines-based Isis International that covers a broad range of issues affecting women globally, with special emphasis on the needs and concerns of women in the Global South. Each online issue covers a different topic, such as "Examining Feminist and Social Movements," "Corporatised Media and ICT Systems and Structures," "Women in Prisons," "Young Women," and more.)

Women in Higher Education
(a monthly publication on issues facing women in academe)

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
(An academic, refereed, electronic journal devoted to scholarly debate on gender-related issues in Judaism. Includes essays, biographical articles, film reviews, and bibliographies, as well as links to a related encyclopedia project, non-refereed writings, announcements, and related sites.)

Women's Enews
(Women's Enews is a professional news service providing news about issues of importance to women. The very interesting news stories "probe policy and politics, business and culture, from the perspectives of women's interests and priorities." The site offers coverage of women internationally, not just in the United States. The "Jeer of the Week" calls attention to outrageous news.)

Women's History Review
(A refereed journal "whose aim is to provide a forum for the publication of new scholarly articles in the rapidly expanding field of women's history." Articles are retrievable in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)

Women's Review of Books
(Founded in 1983, the Women's Review of Books has provided "a forum for serious, informed discussion of new writing by and about women." Published by the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesly College, the Review is available by subscription, but selected articles are also available in their entirety online. There is also a blog, WOMEN=BOOKS, where reviewers and authors discuss issues raised in the Review as well as women's writing and publishing more generally.)

Women Writers: A Zine
(A literary zine by and for women writers. This very interesting site includes original poetry and fiction, critical articles about women writers and literary issues, book reviews, interviews, a "webliography" of important works in women's studies, annotated links to related sites, and an email discussion list, WomenwritersZINE.)

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