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Last updated: April 15, 2009
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Here are a few particularly comprehensive, multi-disciplinary women's studies/women's issues sites:

Academic Info: Women's Studies
(A directory of Internet Resources tailored to the university community. Annotated links arranged into a number of categories such as science, law, religion, cinema and the media, etc, as well as a separate multi-part section on U.S. women's history.)

Black American Feminism: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography
(Univ. of California librarian Sherri Barnes has created this extensive bibliography of works dealing with Black American feminism, from the antislavery and women's rights movements of the 19th century to the present. The bibliography "documents and validates an intellectual tradition that is continuously ghettoized within Black studies, women's studies and society as a whole." Sections include Arts & Humanities; Social Sciences; Education; Health, Medicine, and Science; (Auto)biography; Interviews; Speeches; Multidisciplinary Anthologies; Periodicals; and Web Sites.)

Feminist Majority Foundation Online
(Excellent collection of online resources and information about/for women.)

Feminist Studies Collections: Internet Resources
(Stanford University Feminist Studies librarian Kathy Kerns has compiled this extensive, annotated listing, which has separate sections devoted to Meta Sites, Programs, LGBT, Violence Against Women, Women of Color, Women in History, Women and Work, and Women Writers. Also includes information to aid library research about women.)

(The Italian women's site Orlando includes a very extensive [though not very apparent] listing of links to online articles about various aspects of feminist inquiry. Included are more than 100 articles by well-known and not-so-well-known scholars in Europe and North America, among them Donna Haraway, Joan W. Scott, Rosi Braidotti, and Susan Stanford Friedman.)

International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement
(Organization based in The Netherlands whose bilingual website [Dutch/English] provides access to extensive, searchable databases of information about women's resources and women's issues. In addition, the site offers the contents of the Dutch journal LOVER, Magazine on Feminism, Culture and Scienceas well as a newsletter available in Dutch, English, French, and Spanish.)

Intute: Women's Studies
(Intute is an extraordinary UK site that provides access to "the very best Web resources for education and research." Created by a network of UK universities and partners, it includes a very extensive Women's Studies section. "Each resource has been evaluated and categorised by subject specialists based at UK universities." It aims "to match resources to the women's studies curriculum and the needs of researchers." The resources are very well selected, annotated, and organized, and the site is searchable.

Librarians' Index to the Internet: Women
(Created and maintained by librarians who are experts in finding and evaluating online resources, the Librarians' Index to the Internet is itself one of the most valuable resources on the Web. Its focus extends to just about every topic, but its coverage of women is especially impressive. Its opening page on Women" lists approximately 70 topics. Each of these contains carefully selected and annotated links to information-rich web sites. Though the topics range widely--the S's alone include Sex Discrimination, Social Conditions, Speeches, Sports & Athletics, Statistics, and Suffrage--the site offers particularly extensive coverage of health issues and what it refers to as "Notable Women." Not to be missed!)

Open Directory Project: Women's Studies
(Gerri Gribi, who is knowledgeable about Women's Studies, is in charge of the Women's Studies section of this Yahoo-like directory. Among the many valuable sub-sections is one for Performers and Speakers.)

Senior Women Web
(A resource-rich web site for women over 50. Some resources take age into account [in categories such as Health and Fitness, Grandparenting, Retirement, Travel and Transportation], while others appeal equally to women of all ages [Arts & Entertainment, Computing, Politics, Women's Issues, etc.].)

University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian's Office
(Excellent source of information concerning online and print resources about women, including core bibliographies in Women's Studies, online newsletters and 'zines, web sites arranged by subject, and much more. Highly recommended.)

WMST-L File Collection
(WMST-L, an email list for discussion of women's studies teaching, research, and program administration, has made available more than 300 files: discussions from the list, essays, interviews, bibliographies, etc. The files are arranged both alphabetically and in 18 subject categories such as Books and Films, Feminist Theory/Theories, Men, Pedagogical Issues and Strategies, Race/Ethnicity, Societal Issues in the Classroom, and more. A valuable resource.)

Women's Biography Sites
(This useful site created by Sharon Hushka provides links to more than 250 women's biography web sites. They are arranged both alphabetically and in nine categories: Arts & Entertainment; Diversity; General; HerStory; International; Of Interest; Politics; Science, Math, & Technology; and Sports.)

Women's Issues (
(An extensive, frequently-updated site covering a wide variety of "women's issues," which the site moderator defines as "an issue that affects women more than men, and/or an issue that women are more likely to care about than men are." The site has more than two dozen subject sections, such as "Abortion," "Erotica," "Legislation," and "Media and Culture," plus a very frequently updated section of news headlines.)

Women's Resources on the Internet
(Extensive listing of women-related resources in many categories, from the U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Women's Studies Internet Resources
(Comprehensive, well-organized, annotated listings from the University of York [UK] Library. Be sure to consult the listings on the left of the main page for Women's Studies Academic, Regional, and Themed listings. )

Women's Studies Resources - University of Iowa
(Karla Tonella's very impressive collection of links, arranged by topics: Activism, Art, Communication & Media, Development, Feminist Theory, General, History, Literature, Music, and Sports. See also the Digital Media page for Gender and Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Hypertext Theory, Postmodernism, etc. Highly recommended)

WSSLINKS: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
(Excellent, comprehensive collection of links from the Association of College and Research Libraries; includes 16 topical sub-sections, each compiled by a librarian with expertise in that field.)

Yahoo Women's Studies links
(Highly organized collection of links. Includes a search engine. See also Yahoo's separate sections on Gender and on Sexuality.)

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Also offering excellent comprehensive listings are two women-focused search engines:

FeMiNa: A Woman-Focused Information Resource
(A search engine for women-related online info.)

(Extensive links to women's resources, including a search engine)

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