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American Women's History Websites:

UMBC's Joan Korenman's Women's Studies site 

New York Public Library site on women's history.  Click on “browse the collection” and you will see links to 3 collections of interest to 325 students:  “Images of African Americans in the 19th Century”; African American Women Writers in the 19th Century”; “Marriage, Women, and the Law”

Native American documents and papers

Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture at Duke University contains collections of primary sources on such topics as African American women's history, women's Civil War Diaries, and the women's liberation movement.  Click on "on-line collections."

The Salem witchcraft papers, Verbatim Transcriptions of the Court Records.  In three volumes, Edited by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum (New York: Da Capo Press,1977)

This excellent website on Martha Ballard's diary, contains portions of the diary, of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's book, and lots of additional information.  For the less extensive PBS site on Martha Ballard, click here.

Website about Harriet Jacobs  (still under construction, but has some neat info on it already)

Feminist Webpage: great resource site that contains briefly annotated links to historical and contemporary feminist resources.   The page is organized to correspond to the chapter topics in historian Estelle Freedman's new book, No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women (2000)

Mary Rowlandson's Captivity Narrative: full text on the web. Click on the link that reads: text.  See also a page about Mary Rowlandson with some useful links to other sites about women's captivity and Mary herself.

Encyclopedia Britannica page on American women's history contains many useful links.

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1775-2000: wonderful and extensive site created at the University of New York, Binghamton by two highly respected historians and many colleagues across the country.

Page of sites on Women in the Civil War

Emma Spaulding Bryant letters at Duke University

A useful research site in Women's history prepared by Ken Middleton at Middle Tennessee State Univ.

How Did the Ladies Association of Philadelphia Shape New Forms of Women's Activism during the American Revolution?
this site is by subscription only.  A few sample documents may be accessed

Women of South Carolina in the Revolution, a set of source documents

American Women's History: A Guide to Resources & Research on the Web put together by the Univ. of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
"Liberty Rhetoric" and Nineteenth-Century American Women, site prepared by Prof. Catherine Lavender, History, The College of Staten Island of CUNY

Eliza Wilkenson, a revolutionary woman

A site with documents about the history of women in New Jersey, put together by The Women's Project of New Jersey, at Rutgers University