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Introduction of GFP

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Quantitative monitoring of gene expression

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         Quantitative monitoring of gene expression 
  • Why quantitative? --bioprocess issues 
         While GFP as a reporter gene has mostly  been used for qualitative studies, its great potential as a quantitative, real time and on-line indicator for protein production has been realized in recent years.  Albano et al. first demonstrated that GFP fluorescence could be used to quantitatively monitor GFP-fusion protein production in E. coli (Albano et al., 1996; Albano et al., 1998).  Other work using GFP for monitoring and controlling in E. coli were also successful (Poppenborg et al., 1997; Delisa et al., 1999; Chae et al., 2000). Other than E. coli, GFP has also been used to monitor protein production in yeast (Li et al., 2000) and insect cells (Cha et al., 1997). Meanwhile, various methods and devices for quantitative measurements of GFP were developed (Randers-Eichhorn et al., 1997; Craig et al., 1997; Korf et al., 1997; Endow and Piston, 1998 and Knight et al., 1999). References:
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