For years now I have wanted to be a DJ. Since I have been working for a while, I figured it was time to give in to temptation. I started with Stanton STR8-80's and a Numark 1002 mixer, both of which are now my bro's (DC Generator). I currently have a pair of TTX-1's, a Stanton SMX-501 hybrid scratch/techno mixer, and Ortofon Concorde Nightclubs. (Note: Anyone who would like to contribute to the "Buy Ian An Effects Processor Fund" should contact me. At first I spun hip hop, then 2step, now drum and bass.

Live @ ThunderDome

Here is my debut set at ThunderDome. Let me know what you think.
dj_is Part 1
dj_is Part 2

This was my last set
dj_is 7-25-03
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