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Last update 1/04/03

Here are some communities that are either familiar with or actively promote trading music of trade-friendly bands in Shorten (SHN) format. If you know of other relevant sites or groups, please drop us a line. We will not list any resources for "trade unfriendly" bands. Please respect the artists, thanks!

SHN FAQs: Small SHN and MD5 FAQ | Basic .shn and Trading Information | Beginner FAQ | FAQ | benharpershn FAQ | help message | Adam Fox's SHN Guide

SHN Info Databases: Some Lossless Sources in Circulation (General) | Howie Day | Ben Harper | The Tragically Hip | U2 |

SHN Trading Databases (General): | Phishhook | | |

SHN Links Collections: SHN Links | Allen's SHN Links | Resources for Traders | Adam Fox |

Taping/Trading Policies: Live Music Archive | Bands That Allow Taping | Jamgrass Recording Guide | Etree Bands List | Furthurnet Bands List  | old BTAT mirror (includes some anti-taping policies)
Downloads (Various Bands): Live Music Archive (http, ftp, and more) | (http, ftp) | ibiblio jamz (http, ftp) | ibiblio tunetree (http, ftp) | (email or web announcements, treeclimber index > ftp) | (Canadian, email> ftp) | BitTorrent- (http> BitTorrent) | Deadshare (p2p) | (p2p beta) | SHNapster (Direct Connect, eg DC++) | i2shn (high bandwidth ftp) | (ftp) | alt.binaries.sounds.misc,, (Usenet) |

Downloads (Specific Bands): Allman Brothers: Usenet binaries | bluegrass: bluegrassbox (ftp) | Dave Matthews: (Direct Connect), dmbshnhavenii (DC), DMB_FTP_SHN_Servers, Usenet binaries (companion list) | G. Love & Special Sauce: Concert Photos (http) | Grateful Dead: (http, ftp), Usenet binaries | John Mayer: servers (ftp) | Keller Williams: SCI Fidelity (ftp) | Phil Lesh: (http, ftp), philzone (pointers), (pointers) | Phish: (new!) Usenet binaries | Raq: (ftp) | String Cheese Incident: SCI Fidelity (ftp) | The Tragically Hip: hipbase (ftp) | U2: elevashn (ftp) |
Mailing Lists (General): | (Canadian) | dankseeds (QC, plus distribution) | SHN-Bin | Also Vine Zarathustra | Adopt_A_Newbie | pcp-npc | shntraders | shncircuit | dat-archiving | fellow-shnaholics |

Web Forums (General): Phishhook | | | | |

Band-Oriented Communities: Bela Fleck: fleck_shn | Ben Harper: benharpershn | The Big Wu: wu-shn | bluegrass: JamGrass, Shady-Grove, bluegrassbox |  Counting Crows: digi_cc (website) | Dave Matthews:,, digital_dmb_source, dds-announce, dmb_shn_newsgroup | Disco Biscuits: biscodiscit, Digi-Biscuits | G. Love & Special Sauce: SauceList | Galactic: Galactic Syncopage | Gov't Mule: emule | Grateful Dead: DNC, gdh-trading, BUDD, Eleven Arms of Ivy, Deadlists (list), CDead, Deadvines, Dead Freaks Unite | Howie Day: hdaee | Karl Denson's Tiny Universe: kdtu | Steve Kimock: Kimock | John Mayer: johnmayertrading | Max Creek: maxcreek-lossless | Medeski Martin & Wood: MMW@netspace, MMW@yahoogroups | moe.: moe-SHN, MOE-L | Nickel Creek: nickelcreektrade | North Mississippi Allstars: Digi-NMAS | Ozomatli: ozotaping | Pearl Jam: inhiding, jamspread | Phil Lesh: philzone, digiphil | Phish: pcp (website), pcp-shn, E-vines (requires signup), digiphish | The Slip: TheSlip | Soulive: Souliveshntrading | Strangefolk: sfshn | String Cheese Incident: digi-cheez, IncidentaList, Joyful Sounds, SCIEval | Tenacious D: Digi D | The Tragically Hip: hipbase, livehip | U2:, elevashn, u2shn | Umphrey's mcGee: Umph-Shn | Widespread Panic: wspshn, wspi2shn | The Word: the_word |

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SHN/MD5 FAQ | Lossless Sources Database | Live Music Archive

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