Introduction to Matlab for Northrup Grumman

Offered through UMBC's Department for Continuing Education

Matthias K. Gobbert - Fall 1998

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Basic Information

Available Written Introduction to Matlab

Arguably the best introduction to Matlab 5 is contained in the volume ``Getting Started with MATLAB'' from The MathWorks, Inc.; the volume is available in the department computer room MP 412 in the blue folder. Following this manual, introductions to more topics are contained in the ``Using MATLAB'' and the ``Using MATLAB Graphics'' manuals also available there.

Basic Matlab Session:

In the UNIX-environment, start Matlab using the command ``matlab;'' this should result in a screen like this:
                                < M A T L A B (R) >
                    (c) Copyright 1984-98 The MathWorks, Inc.
                                All Rights Reserved
                                    Apr 30 1998

      To get started, type one of these: helpwin, helpdesk, or demo.
      For product information, type tour or visit

Here, ``>>'' is the Matlab prompt awaiting command input from the user. To quit Matlab, enter the command ``exit'' or ``quit,'' and the UNIX-prompt will return.

The programs listed below are Matlab functions, often referred to as m-files. They accomplish some simple task as documented in the text. Download the files to your account using, say, Netscape using, for instance, the ``File'' and in there the ``Save As''-functionality. Then call them from Matlab.

Solutions to some of the homework problems:

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