Parallel Computing for Partial Differential Equations

Universität Kassel - Sommersemester 2012

Matthias K. Gobbert - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Basic Information

Course Description

This course is preceded by the course Introduction to Parallel Computing in Wintersemester 2011/2012 and accompanied by the seminar Applications of Parallel Computing in Sommersemester 2012. The latter seminar would be appropriate for students who want to explore other problems in parallel computing in general or more sophisticated numerical methods for partial differential equations.

An important application of parallel computing is in the area of numerical methods for partial differential equations. This course will introduce methods for the elliptic Poisson equation and the parabolic reaction-diffusion equation as examples. The presentation will use relatively simple numerical methods and focus on their parallelization, so that no formal background in the subject of numerical methods for partial differential equations is required.

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, you should:

Other Information

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