The Beowulf Cluster kali

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Supported by a SCREMS grant from the National Science Foundation

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kali is the 64-processor Beowulf cluster with a high-performance Myrinet interconnect of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UMBC. It was purchased using funds from a SCREMS grant from the National Science Foundation with equal cost-sharing from UMBC, with a substantial vendor discount towards the purchase of the hardware. The principal investigators of the grant are Jonathan Bell, Florian Potra, Madhu Nayakkankuppam, and Matthias K. Gobbert. The machine is used for research projects including the areas of microelectronics manufacturing, quantum chemistry, computational neurobiology, and constrained mechanical systems. The machine is managed jointly by system administrators from the department and UMBC's Office of Information Technology.

Technical Description

The machine is an IBM 1350 cluster. It has 32 computational nodes (31 compute nodes and 1 storage node), and 1 head node (combined user/management node). Each node has 2 Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz (512 KB L2 cache) chips. The compute nodes have 1 GB memory each, and the storage and head node have 4 GB memory. The storage node hosts a 0.5 TB RAID array. The 32 computational nodes are connected by a high-performance Myrinet interconnect for computations and all nodes by a fast ethernet for file serving.

The machine runs the Linux operating system distributed by RedHat. Parallel communications use Myricom's implementation of the Message-Passing Interface (MPI). Both GNU and Intel compilers are available for C/C++ and Fortran including Math libraries. Job scheduling is done using torque and Maui.

Research Projects on kali

Please see the list of projects completed or active on kali. Lists of publications and links to preprints are posted under each project, where available.

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