Director, George R. La Noue, Ph.D. 
Assoc. Dir., John C. Sullivan, Esq.
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After the Supreme Court decided City of Richmond V. Croson in January 1989, very state and local jurisdiction with a minority business enterprise [MBE] program has had to evaluate the legality of its program. This has proved to be a complex and expensive activity with no end in sight. The Project on Civil Rights and Public Contracting is intended to help understand the legal, political, economic, and social issues involved in MBE programs.


The Project engages in research on federal, state, and local MBE programs and makes the results of that research available in scholarly publications and conferences, testimony before legislative bodies and courts, as well as in formats more accessible to the general public. The Project collects all relevant court decisions and briefs, legislative hearings, scholarly research, and disparity studies. It is estimated that over 30,000 pages of materials are in the collections. Project staff makes these items available to interested parties at cost. The Project is also available to consult with parties about issues in existing programs and in the construction of new programs on a fee basis.




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