As an investigator of the unexplained, I have frequently reviewed the concept of UFO abductions through skeptical eyes. Admittedly, it is hard enough to accept the idea of UFOs as otherworldly craft, let alone the act of people being taken aboard them. During the light of day, the thought of UFO abductions seems laughable, a far-fetched speculation on which we can conjecture as we please and then conveniently shelve once the discussion is over. But as we laugh on the outside, is it not possible that we are really whistling in the dark--deep, down inside?

As various case histories have shown, abductions often take place late at night, removed from the crowds. They are carried out in an insidiously quiet, almost subliminal fashion, which to most of us just doesn't seem real. Sometimes, even to the alleged victims, the recall of their own experiences seems like the fading remnants of some bad dream, hard to focus on and, perhaps, better left forgotten.

Given that the abduction enigma has an international scope, that it has apparently spanned several decades of time, and has allegedly occurred to people from widely different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, we may have something more than people making up fanciful stories. The real meaning behind these extraordinary claims remains in the realm of speculation...