Position Statement


The Enigma Project's objectives include the investigation and documentation of paranormal claims in Maryland, contiguous states and, in some instances, at remote locations. Our investigative philosophy asserts that claims of unexplained phenomena should be examined with rigorous, objective scrutiny using whatever scientific and technical methods may be applicable. The most bizarre anomalies would stand a better chance of being given serious attention by mainstream scientists if preliminary researchers' fieldwork produced credible and accurate technical data. Enigma's scope of interests is broad with individual members having experience and skills with a variety of phenomena and technical methodologies. Requests for our investigations are accepted sparingly--time and finances permitting--since the Project is more of an avocation than occupational pursuit. Case selection is at the discretion of Enigma's research director. If we are contacted by an individual whose situation falls outside our areas of expertise, we will attempt to refer that individual to the appropriate organization. Once a case is studied and documented as far as our resources permit, our results are published; either privately or through a respectable medium such as the INFO Journal. Generally, our services are offered free of charge. The Enigma Project has been on file with most Maryland State library systems for over 25 years.