The information contained herein is considered scientific data and will be treated as such. It will be filed and incorporated into a computerized database. All names, addresses, and other contact information will be kept in strict confidence. Any additional information you may wish to supply (sketches, maps, etc.) will be appreciated. If you prefer to submit a report via postal mail a "printer friendly" version of the Report Form is available here: 

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Your Address:
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Please indicate any additional information about yourself, including special training, which may be pertinent:

The following questions directly related to mysterious lights and the witnesses' observations and experiences. Please take your time in answering and be as accurate as possible, for the information you supply today will aid our research toward an eventual understanding of this mystery.


1) On what date was the light (s) observed?
2) What was the time of day?
3) What was the sky's condition? (clear, starlit, moonlit, cloudy, sunny, raining, foggy)
4) Describe the weather conditions a few days prior and a few days after the sighting:

5) What was your exact location when viewing the light (s)?

6) Was the light seen on or near railroad tracks?
7) Describe the setting in which the light (s) appeared (such as residential, rural, wooded, swampland, coastal, mountainous, etc.).

8) Did you see more than one light at any time?
9) If more than one was seen describe how many were sighted and the circumstances involving their appearance:

10) Describe the feature or movement of the light that attracted your attention.

11) How far did the light (s) appear to be from you?
12a) Did this distance appear to change at any time?
12b) If so, to what extent?

13) If the light (s) showed any movement or change of direction, please explain this change and estimate the speed of movement.

14) Describe the physical appearance of the light (s).




Did it appear transparent or opaque?

How brilliant was it (as compared to a 100 watt light bulb)?

15) What was the light's apparent altitude during the sighting?
16) If pertinent, what was the light's degree of elevation with respect to the horizon?
17) How long was the light (s) in sight?

18a) Did the light (s) make any sound?
18b) If so, please explain.
19a) Did you observe the light (s) through binoculars or a telescope?
19b) If so, please explain what you saw.

20) Have you photographed the light (s) or know of anyone who has?
21a) Were there any other witnesses, that you know of, to this sighting?
21b) If so, can you give us the following information on them?

Additional witness Name:

Additional witness Address:

Additional witness Zip Code:

Additional witness Phone:

22) If you are aware of other witness accounts, how do their stories compare with yours?

23a) Is the light known by a local name?
23b) If so, what is the name?
24a) Are you aware of any legends or folklore attached to the light (s)?
24b) If so, please elaborate.

Any additional information you wish to supply (maps, sketches, etc.) would be appreciated.

Thank you for the time you have taken to complete this questionnaire. If you or someone you know witnesses this phenomenon again, please contact us as soon as possible. And again, thank you for your time and trust.


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