This presentation was made to residents of The Carrollton Condominium in Baltimore on March 23, 2017:
Mission to Mars Presentation

Thompson, T. (2012). Joseph V. Brady: Synthesis Reunites What Analysis Has Divided. The Behavior Analyst, 35(2), 197-208.

Tales of Joseph V. Brady

Joseph V. Brady

Presented below is a collection of resources based upon our work in behavioral systems management of space-dwelling groups.

I was honored to know and to work with this fine gentleman.

A note from Joe.

Joseph V. Brady

Executive Monkeys? What's that?

At Dinner in Philadelphia

Great Captain

Our friend, Joe

Last email from Joe

I bid you farewell.


Private Chamber Work Station

Private Chamber

A Diagram of the Private Chamber

A Diagram of the Private Chamber

Social Recreation Area

The Alluisi Multiple Task Performance Battery (MTPB)

The Alluisi Team Performance Task (TPT) Circa 1982
(You get the idea...)

Control Station

Monitor's Control Console

Duen Hsi Yen
Project Engineer

Monitors Deluxe! They All Made It Happen!

Senior Project Administrator

PERC Team circa 1982

A Change in Performance Effectiveness?

Homemade Chess Set

Team Performance Task (TPT) Circa 2012
(You get the idea...)

A Critical Application

Look at that! Henry landed on Mars!
Eric Gasior, Joe Brady, & Kevin Spence

Telling it like it is.

Joe was an outstanding mentor to other faculty.
(Joe with Richard W. Foltin, Ph.D. PERC 1983-1992; photoshopped by Drew Gardner)

Once upon a time...

Qiyin ("Linda") Emurian: My main source of encouragement and support.

We'll get there!

Spaceship Discovery

Here's How!

My off-the-cuff comment to a reporter in 1983 still stands. (Psychology Today, 1983)

And so it goes...


An Admirable Model: MARS-500

The first resident of a programmed environment was Whilden P. Breen, Jr. That happened over 50 years ago. His experience was reported here in a 1963 issue of Life Magazine.

For another perspective on the chimpanzee flights of the Project Mercury Program, attention is directed to the following references:

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Space Is the Place

Space Is the Place

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