The applet versions of the tutors are no longer available.

See the green link below for executable file versions of the tutors that you may download, save, and run on your computer without the need for internet access.

Supportive Course Material

You must have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer to run the tutors. For security protection, it is best to use the most recent versions of Java.

Java JRE Download

Please send an email if you if you have questions: Support.

Publications and presentations that show the positive impact of the tutors on the skill and confidence of students are available here: Publications & Presentations.

Experience with these tutors in my classes repeatedly affirmed their value to our students. Most students gain self-confidence that they can successfully continue their study of Java after this initial, positive learning experience. If you have never written a computer program and you want to learn how to do that, these tutors are for you. There is nothing mysterious about it: learning how to program just takes practice.

    • Executable file versions
      • These versions do not require internet access to run. You may download the programs and run them on your computer.