The Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century - E. Michael Richards

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40) Multiphonic Trills with Sustained Highest Pitch -

Etude i Exercises

Etude i contains multiphonic trills during which the highest note is sustained. In some cases, the high sustained note is quite resistant and difficult to produce. This resistance can vary according to the multiphonic and the individual equipment (reed, mouthpiece) used by the player. One may practice these high pitches by approaching them from a conventional fingering for that same pitch (in order to assist one in hearing and memorizing the sensation of the note), and then adding the trill (m.1-2) the key in the circle is the key trilled:

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Exercise #49


Other trills are more difficult to sound than a conventional fingering for their high sustained pitch. In these cases, practice the lower notes slowly and as loudly as possible before adding the top note (m.13-4):

Exercise #50



This etude also includes some trills where the finger that moves must create a percussive sound when striking the tone hole (m.4; m.22). Practice by imagining heavy fingers where the thickest part of the fingertip hits the tone hole, while maintaining strong breath support.

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