The Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century - E. Michael Richards

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32) High Voice Fade Multiphonics:

Etude 2A Exercises

Etude High Voice Fade consists of four sections of music. In addition to two and three voice multiphonics, the music also exploits timbre/microtonal tremolos, and alternate fingerings in the chalumeau register. Single pitches are also used within phrases of multiphonics. The numerous dynamic contrasts require careful practice of individual phrases.

A good method to practice the fade-in of the highest multiphonic voice is to first play the balanced diad so that one hears the complete sound, then focus on the lowest pitch alone (pp) and gradually crescendo until the upper voice sounds.


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Exercise #32

A smooth and accurate “in tune” connection from the conventional chalumeau E3 to F3 (found in measure 4) can be practiced first with two conventional fingerings to feel/hear the embouchure/throat voicing, then with the etude fingerings. The clarinetist should seek to match the colors of these pitches.

Exercise #33

The connections between single pitches and multiphonics built above them occurs in measure 9. One can practice the lowest voice alone first – then add the multiphonics while attempting to maintain the continuity of sound.

Exercise #34

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