Graduate Student Seminar (Math/Stat 690)

Spring 2020

Time and Location: Wednesdays, 11:00 AM- 11:50 in FA 215

Date First speaker Second speaker Session Chair Discussant
Mar 4 Dr. Roy   Dr. Webster   SIAM Chapter   Dr.   Sousedik
Mar 11 Sumaya   Alzuhairy Michael   Lucagbo Carlos   Barajas Dr.   Rathinam
Mar 25 Yewon   Kim Abhishek   Balakrishna Lillian   Chow Dr.   Baek
Apr 1 Luan   Nguyen Reetam   Majumder Katelynn   Huneycutt Dr.   Weining Kang
Apr 8 Jing   Wang Theodore   Weinberg Nadeesri   Wijekoon Dr.   Sinha
Apr 15 Saeed   Damadi Gaurab   Hore Maria   Deliyianni Dr.   Hoffman
Apr 22 Vahid   Andalib Ellie   Gurvich Zhou   Feng Dr.   Gowda
Apr 29 Zainab   Almutawa Ryan  Lafferty Eswar   Kammara Dr.   Hye-Won Kang

Seminar Rules:

Ten days before the talk:
Speaker gets the topic approved by the faculty discussant
One week before the talk:
Speaker submits an abstract (100 - 200 words) and slides to the faculty discussant for comments
Friday before the talk:
Speaker sends a pagaraph abstract to the session chair for distribution
Monday before the talk:
Session Chair emails the announcemet of upcoming talks, with titles and abstracts, to mathstat_all-group(at)umbc(dot)edu
Day of the talk:
It is the session chair's responsibility to bring the student response forms, sign-in sheet and the faculty discussant forms. These can be found at

Students can seek writing help (both abstract and slides) from the university writing center

Faculty are invited to attend any or all of this seminar series. Comments and discussions by all participating faculty, and not only the designated discussant, are invited and encouraged.