University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland 21250
Master of Science, Information Systems, May, 1997
Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society with 4.0 GPA

Towson State University, Towson, Maryland 21204
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with minor in Mathematics, 1987
Inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society

Job Experience

Mar, 2000 - Present
Aether Systems, Inc., Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Manager, Network Operations Center

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Production Network Operations Center in Owings Mills, MD. This includes responsibility for all systems, networks, WAN circuits and network hardware involved in the endeavor.

Jul, 1998 - Mar, 2000
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland 21250
Assistant Director, Systems and Networks University Computing Services

The same responsibilities as Network Manager plus a whole lot more! (Network Management, Distributed Unix Systems Management and departmental budget management)

Dec, 1992 - Jul, 1998
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland 21250
Network Manager, University Computing Services

Oversee the daily management and operations of the entire campus academic network including over thirty plus buildings, inter- and intra-building cabling, hardware and software. Make use of specialized network management systems.

Design and oversee installation of all networking hardware including routers, FDDI concentrators, ethernet hubs and concentrators, terminal servers and modems. Approve installation of new ethernet connections.

Lead design and implementation efforts for an integrated campus network plan with adaptability to migrate to future technologies such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

Investigate and develop new microcomputer-based Internet access software for use in the campus environment. Customize and document selected packages for distribution.

Oversee operation of digital circuits used to provide the University with its links to external networks such as the Internet.

Supervise full- and part-time network technicians and programmers. Supervise in-house and outside technicians during network implementation.

Assist System Administrators with management of Unix, VMS and NetWare systems.

Aug, 1994 - Dec, 1996
Essex Community College, Baltimore County, Maryland 21237-3899
Part-Time Adjunct Faculty, Center for Continuing Education

Teach introductory, non-credit, short courses on network-related subject such as LANs, WAN's and the Internet.

Present seminars to private corporations on the uses of networks. Depending on individual contracts, subjects can cover areas such as LANs, WANs, the Internet, physical cabling, network hardware, etc.

Jan, 1995 - May, 1995
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore County, Maryland 21228
Part-Time Adjunct Faculty, Department of Information Systems

Teach full semester courses on advanced networking topics including network hardware and software topology, internetworking and network management.

Towson State University, Towson, Maryland 21204

May, 1987 - Dec, 1992
Network Manager, Academic Computing Service

Install and maintain all networking hardware and cabling including fiber optics, ethernets, leased lines, twisted pair, terminal servers, bridges, routers, intelligent concentrators and modems.

Install and maintain PC Local Area Network (LAN) hardware and software. Hardware includes PC's, file servers, network interface cards and network hubs. Software includes network software, such as DEC Pathworks and Saber Menu system and application software, such as Word Perfect and Lotus 123.

Install and maintain all multi-user system wide area and local area networking software including DECnet, LAT, TCP/IP, Jnet NJE, PMDF, MX, BIND, Network File System, Yellow Pages, and local customized software.

Install, maintain and provide user support for all Local Area and Wide Area Network connections, including PC LAN's, the NSF Internet, BITNET, and a state-wide DECnet.

Maintain and provide user support for all terminal emulation and file transfer packages, such as Crosstalk, Kermit, ProComm, NCSA Telnet, XMODEM and ZMODEM.

Provide support and recommendations to middle and upper management on network design and implementation functions, including cost estimates. Serve as lead in technical evaluations.

Supervise one full-time and two part-time network technicians and assist in the supervision of two student operators and laboratory assistants. Supervise in-house and outside technicians during network implementation.

Assist System Managers with management of a VMS VAXcluster and an Ultrix-32 (BSD Unix) local area network.

Feb, 1986 - May, 1987
Laboratory Assistant, Academic Computing Service

Assisted students with problems concerning overall system usage and problems with programs. Monitored system and users through a menuprogram to isolate errors; used this information to construct solutions to recurring student problems.

Sept., 1986 - Aug, 1987
Data Entry Operator, Political Science Department

Responsible for the entry of 10,000 records into a VAX/VMS data file for use with SPSS. Worked with professor to verify the records before entry.

References available upon request