New Reports in! While on the latest venture the Mars rover came across a Starbucks Frappacino stand. "This is by far the most convincing evidence we have come across yet," states scientist Larry Dover. "It's amazing, they really do have them everywhere you go," he added.

This latest photo came last week from NASA. "We plan on having the rover go and see if it can order something within the next few days.

We are developing a program for it at this very moment. We hope to have it debugged and uploaded very soon," stated an insider from NASA.

NASA has photos of the menu and have determined the conversion of martian dollars to US dollars. The price of coffee there was also extremely overpriced.

Scientists say theat they expect to find other similar items, such as McDonald's on Mars. In fact there is strong evidence to prove that other findings such as Elvis and Amelia Earhart will be found on Mars. More on those stories in future issues.