Documents for Democracy in 1776 posting

Expressions of Elite Republicanism

1) Gouverneur Morris to Thomas Penn, May 20th, 1774

2) Alexander Hamilton and John Adams on Republicanism
        This includes the following documents:
            Alexander Hamilton to John Jay, November 26, 1775
            John Adams to James Sullivan, May 26, 1776
            Abigail Adams to John Adams, March 31, 1776
            John Adams to Abigail Adams, April 14, 1776
            Abigail Adams to John Adams, May 7, 1776
          John Adams Remembers 1776 and the "Majority of the Great Body of the People"

The Maryland Constitution of 1776

Expressions of Popular Republicanism

1) Thomas Paine, Common Sense and John Adams on Common Sense

2) The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776