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Lesson Plan Guidelines


Primary Documents on the Revolution on the Web





Power of the Gentry


Rough Music: Judge Peter Oliver's Appendix, 1774-1775


Patriarchy: William Byrd’s Diary


Documents on the Internal Revolution:

          Includes Documents on:

Materialism and The Great Awakening

Class and Politics in Pennsylvania

Slaves and Independence (including slave petitions)

Gender and the Revolution: The letters of John and Abigail Adams

Alexander Hamilton and John Adams on “The People”

Gouverneur Morris (one of the architects of the federal Constitution on “The People” as “Reptiles”        


Documents on Democracy and the new 1776 State Governments:


          Includes Documents on:

Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 (abridged)

Comments on the Pennsylvania Constitution

Maryland Constitution of 1776 (abridged)

Comments on the Maryland Constitution


“A Stronger Barrier Against Democracy”: The Founders at the Constitutional Convention