Maryland Wildflowers

Welcome to Maryland Wildflowers! I am a wildflower enthusiast and have combined my love of plants with my hobby of photography. This web site is the result. The wildflowers here have been photographed and identified by me, Cynthia Bolognese and my husband Jeff. This site will start off small, but if my dreams are realized, it will grow and give everyone an excellent site to visit. If you have any questions or comments, or have noticed that I've incorrectly identified a plant, please email me. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. The images are arranged alphabetically by common name. For instance, purple gerardia would be under 'G' for gerardia. Use your browser's 'find' command to search for a particular plant. Enjoy!

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There are also a number of wonderful places to hike which are not in Maryland, but are great daytrips and have provided me with a number of chances to see additional mid-atlantic wildflowers. So visit Wildflowers From Outside of Maryland.

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