I3RC test cases


Case 1: Angle-Value phase function vs. Legendre-expansion vs. Legendre-expansion  truncation

The input scattering phase function for I3RC model can be specified in two ways: 1) as scattering angle-value 2) as Legendre polynomial expansion. The objective of this task is to test whether these two ways of phase function specification yield consistent results.

Case 2: Component-Method vs. external mix

I3RC allows several “components” in each grid cell. Each component can have its own scattering properties. In Monte-Carlo RT simulation, the probability of each component interacting with incoming phonons is weighted by the extinction of each component in a given cell. The objective of this task is to test whether RT simulation based on component-method is consistent with that based on manually mixed scattering properties.

Case 3: Heavy drizzle bin microphysics test & Spectral invariant test for Sasha

The objective is to further test the performance of “component-method” in I3RC for a heavy drizzle case