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Title: Body and Illness Abdomen Symbolizes the gestation of a new idea or phase in your life.
If the abdomen is swollen, it could symbolize the birth of a new project.
Arm Indicates that you can manipulate things in your dream environment. Seeing this symbol in your dream could indicate the possibility for lucid dreaming.
If you are flapping your arms, this indicates a desire to fly in your dream.
Breasts Symbolize nurturing, motherhood, or a concern about exposure.
May also symbolize sexual desire
Cancer Signifies a desperate or foreboding situation.
May also symbolize a draining of resources.
If you dream that you are successfully treated for cancer, this indicates a change for the better in a current situation.
Corpse Dreaming of yourself as a corpse could symbolize a major change in your life.
If you dream of killing yourself, this could mean that you are going through a traumatic personal transformation.
Ears Ears in a dream are a warning to watch out what you say or to listen carefully to what is going on around you.
Fat Dreaming about being fat could indicate a concern about your diet.
It is also a symbol of wealth and abundance or overindulgence.
Fever Suggests needless worry over a small affair.
Hair A dream in which you have a beautiful head of hair and you are combing it, indicates that you are thinking of your appearance.
If you hair turns white suddenly or unexpectedly, it symbolizes sudden misfortune and grief over a recent situation.
A dream in which you have a full head of white hair symbolizes a fortunate passage through life.
If a man dreams his hair is thinning, it symbolizes misfortune due to generosity, or illness due to worry.
If you dream that your body is covered with hair, this indicates overindulgence in vice.
A dream in which your hair is tangled symbolizes trouble or concern over a current matter.
If a woman dreams that she takes a black hair and a white hair from her head and compares them, it is symbolic of hesitation between two paths or options.
Hand Shaking hands symbolizes friendship or an agreement.
Hands folded in prayer are a symbol of seeking help or pursuing religious or spiritual urges.
A hand grasping at something symbolizes fear of death.
Dreaming of a beautiful hand symbolizes rapid advancement in a current matter.
Ugly or deformed hands signify poverty and disappointment.
Dreaming of a hand which is detached from the body is a symbol of solitude.
Burning your hands means that you are currently overreaching your abilities and will suffer a loss because of it.
Washing your hands represents participation in a happy event.
Head May signify that you are successful in matters of importance. Also symbolizes wisdom.
Heart May indicate romantic inclinations.
Might also suggest that you need to get "to the heart of a matter."
If the heart is bleeding, this indicates that excessive sympathy is becoming a burden for you and/or its recipient.
Back to Top Heel Symbolizes vulnerability or an oppressive situation.
Illness See Sickness.
Lap Symbolizes security.
If you dream you are sitting on someone's lap, this represents safety from a troubling situation.
If you dream a cat is sitting in someone's lap, it symbolizes danger from a seductive enemy.
Legs A dream in which you admire well-shaped legs symbolizes a loss of judgement.
If the legs are misshapen, it symbolizes ill-tempered friends and unsuccessful endeavors.
Wooden legs symbolize deception to friends.
Wounded legs signify loss of power.
Ulcerated legs symbolize loss of resources through helping others.
Admiring your own legs or seeing a young woman admiring her own legs symbolizes vanity.
If the legs are hairy, it signifies domination over her mate.
If you dream that your own legs are clean and well-shaped, it symbolizes a happy future with faithful friends.
Nakedness See Nudity.
Neck Represents taking a chance. If there is pain, it represents someone or something that is bothering you.
Nudity Symbolizes a desire to be seen or heard.
It can also symbolize a need for the truth.
This type of dream can also indicate a release of sexual inhibitions.
Dreaming of swimming nude indicates that an illicit affair will end badly or that you have many admirers, depending on the context. In this case, pay attention to the condition of the water for clues to meaning.
Back to Top Nose Symbolizes intrusive behavior by someone else or yourself.
Pregnancy A woman who dreams of being pregnant may be indicating a desire for a child or could actually be pregnant.
Pregnancy can also symbolize something new in your life.
Sickness If you dream that you are ill, it could be an indication that you need to pay attention to your health or that you are in need of pampering. If you dream that a family member is ill, this symbolizes an event which is causing trouble in your domestic life.
Skull Symbolizes danger, possibly death.
Tattoo If you dream that your body is tatooed, it symbolizes a difficulty which will cause you to take a long absence from home or familiar surroundings.
If you dream that you are tatooing someone else, it symbolizes that you desire a strange experience that may alienate you from your friends.
Back to Top Vomitting Dreaming that you are vomitting could indicate that you need to rid yourself of someone or something.
If you dream that you are vomitting a chicken, it indicates that an illness in a relative is causing you disappointment.
If someone else is vomitting in your dream, it indicates that someone's false pretense will be made apparent to you soon.
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