Megan Zimmerman Projects
Megan ZimmermanAbout Me:

I am an undergraduate computer science student at UMBC involved in interactive robotics research in the field of assitive healthcare technology. I also am a teaching assistant for CMSC 341(Data Structures) and formally a TA of CMSC201 (Introductory Computer Science for Majors), the club president of the UMBC Cosplay Coalition and the Event Coordinator of UMBConnect.

My Research:

I conduct research under Dr.Cynthia Matuszek in the Interactive Robotics and Language lab. My current project is creating a system that parses language for a medical assitance robot MARDA (Medical Assistive Robotic Drug Administer) by parsing ambiguous implicative natural language sentences related to the medical care of a patient into direct physical commands for the robot. I am also currently working at NIST in the Collaborative Robotics lab on a Virtual Reality platform for the teleoperation of a robot. You can find a poster I presented at ICRA 2015's Becoming a Robot Guru Workshop here.


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